TimeRabbit – Measure Your Time on Facebook

While there are a lot of social media tools that can tell you what kind of traffic you get to your website or blog and how engaged your fans are on your Facebook Page, there aren’t a lot of social media tools like TimeRabbit that can measure the amount of time you spend on Facebook.

Over the past few years, as social media has gained in popularity, the amount of time that we spend on social networks has increased significantly.  In particular, we spend a lot of our time on social media sites like Facebook.

This is important to know because as we spend more time using social media, we have to remember to not let it consume our daily lives.

According to TimeRabbit, the average user spends 7 hours, 45 minutes on Facebook per month.

While this doesn’t sound like a lot of time, just think about all of the other things you could be out doing instead of being glued to a computer. That’s why I recommend giving TimeRabbit a try so that you can do an assessment on how much time you spend on social media sites like Facebook.

How to use TimeRabbit to measure the time you spend on Facebook

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