13 ways to spot a Yelp! user

13 ways to spot a Yelp! user [Infographic]

If you’ve ever taken a photo of your food, read reviews about what others had to say about a new restaurant you’re thinking about trying, claimed an deal from Yelp! or read up on a new shop that opened in your area,  then you’re probably a Yelp! user.

In fact, Yelp! is a seriously powerful social network. For instance, if you’re using Apple Maps, you’re also using Yelp! as store information, photos and Yelp! reviews are integrated  into Apple Maps.

Let’s take a moment to check out 13 ways you can spot a Yelp! user – do any of these describe you? I can identify at least five items. How about you?

13 ways to spot a Yelp! user:

Sore fingers
– Cause: reviewing too many places
Enlarged frontal cortex
– Cause: curiosity
Limited verbal communication of 5,000 characters
– Cause: the length of a Yelp! review
Swollen stomach
– Cause: too many reviews from eating at too many Indian restaurants
Accidental shouting out
– Cause: a feature of Yelp! when checking into a place
Lawsuit notice
– Cause: offending a small business owner with your review
Packet of stars in your pocket
– Cause: needed to review your favorite Yelp! places
Dim sum sample
– Cause: to test their 4.5 star rating
Clothing with tags still on them
– Cause: purchases made through Yelp! deals
Elite member card
– Cause: acquired for writing lots of reviews and being a Yelp! superstar
Sore fingers
– Cause: taking too many photos of your food
– Cause: most check-ins and reviews at a business establishment
Sore feet
– Cause: too much walking to many venues.

13 ways to spot a Yelp! user

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Are you on Yelp!? If so, I would love to check out your reviews and maybe try a few of the places you recommend. Feel free to leave a link to your Yelp! profile and tell me what you primarily use the service for. Is it restaurant reviews, business reviews, shopping, crowd-sourcing photos for your next meal?