2013 Web design trends

2013 Web design trends – Infographic

We’re currently undergoing design changes on our website (we’re using the Epik theme and Studiopress Genesis) and so I thought it would be pertinent to talk about 2013 web design trends, as we should have a new website launching before the end of the year that incorporates a number of these trends.

So what was popular in 2013? One word, mobile.

With 84% of smartphone users using their smartphone to browse the web , if your website wasn’t responsive, you were missing the mark.

For those of you not aware of the meaning of the word responsive web design, it’s where you build a site that can adapt across different devices. For example, it works one way on desktops, adapts for tablets, and then adapts again for smartphone users.

There are plenty of reasons why this was a popular trend in 2013. The main reason is because it is user friendly. It also saves designers lot of time when doing web design because they don’t have to try to get everything to fit into each device.

While this was one popular web design trend, there were plenty of other ones that you probably saw when surfing the web in 2013.

Here’s a list of trends from this past year.

2013 Web design trends

  • Responsive
  • Metro
  • Minimalism
  • Typography
  • Parallax
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Fixed header
  • Single page
  • Large background image
  • Content first

Keep reading to learn about each one of these trends and how you can implement them into your own site.

Design Trends in 2013

2013 Web design trends
Popular web design trends in 2013. Source: Enfuzed.

Your turn

Did you implement some of these web design trends on your own website?

Out of this list of 2013 web design trends, which of these were your favorite and which of these could you have done without?

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.