Pinterest secret board ideas

5 Pinterest secret board ideas to help you get more creative

When Pinterest first launched Pinterest secret boards, you were limited to creating just three secret boards.

With their recent announcement, you can now create unlimited secret boards. This is good news for Pinterest users because you can use secret boards in lots of creative ways.

To help you get started thinking about the different ways you can use Pinterest secret boards, I put together a collection of Pinterest secret board ideas to get you started.

5 Pinterest secret board ideas

1. Plan out a product launch

When you are planning out your next product, you don’t want any important information to get out.

One Pinterest secret board idea is to use secret boards to pin ideas for new products.

Because you used secret boards, you can keep this under wraps until you are ready to launch your new product.

Here is an example of a Pinterest secret board idea for my product, FB Marketing University.

Pinterest secret board ideas - Product launch

2. Collaborate with your team

One of my favorite features of Pinterest secret boards is the ability to invite others to pin to your secret boards.

Not only does this encourage collaboration, but because Pinterest secret boards are mobile, anyone you invite can pin right from their mobile device.

Tory Burch uses secret boards for this same reason. This way she can keep the productivity flowing at her company.

Pinterest secret board ideas - Tory Burch

3. Monitor your competition

Because Pinterest secret boards do not show up to others, you can use this as an opportunity to monitor your competition.

One idea is to pin competitors content onto a secret board. This way you can keep an eye on what they pin without them knowing.

4. Plan a surprise for your customers

Another idea for using Pinterest secret boards is to plan a surprise.

For example, if someone has a birthday coming up, you can create Pinterest secret boards and pin different gift ideas you want to get them.

If you are planning an event for your customers, you can also use secret boards to help you plan the event.

Because you can invite others to your secret boards, you can create an amazing surprise without ruining the surprise for your customers!

5. Build a board

When Pinterest first launched, it was frustrating creating a board and not having much content to add to that specific board.

This also presented a challenge because other Pinterest users are not likely to follow a board that doesn’t have a lot of content pinned to it.

With Pinterest secret boards, you can now curate content in private and then make it public whenever you feel you have enough pins on your boards.

Note: Once you make a secret boards public, you cannot make them secret again.

Empty Pinterest boards

Your turn

While these are just some Pinterest secret board ideas, what other ones can you think of?

Leave a comment below and share your best Pinterest secret board ideas that you have used to grow your business using Pinterest.