8 types of Facebook Page status updates for better engagement with fans

8 simple and effective Facebook Page status updates you can start using today!

8 types of effective Facebook Page status updatesThe best way to engage your Facebook fans is by posting status updates (duh!). What most people fail to realize is that it isn’t just about posting status updates (and lots of them). Instead, you need to take a step back and create more meaningful updates that will enchant and intrigue your fans to where they want to comment, like or share your status updates with others.

Sounds a lot easier said than done, doesn’t it? In addition to focusing on the quality of your status updates, you also need to be aware of Facebook’s algorithm called Edgerank.  Edgerank is an assigned score that determines your placement in someone else’s Facebook Newsfeed.

Edgerank scores focus on three main variables; popularity (how many likes, comments or shares a post gets), fan interest/relevance (how often do fans interact with your page – if at all) and recency (when your status update was posted). Each of these criteria are combined to then determine a Facebook Edgerank score, which pushes your content up someones News Feed.

So how do I get more comments, likes and shares to improve my Facebook Edgerank?

It is important to realize that it isn’t about the sheer quantity of updates, rather it is about the interactions and buzz generated from those updates.  I certainly recognize that coming up with status updates and ideas to post on a regular basis can be challenging.  That’s why I have put together a list of status updates that you can start using today to improve the levels of engagement with fans which can increase comments, likes and shares your updates receive.

Note: before writing any status updates, remember the golden rule of marketing – “know your customers.” Modify your status updates with the below recommendations so that they are unique to your Facebook Page and your customers.

8 simple and effective status updates you can use on Facebook Pages to generate better engagement with fans:

  1. Ask simple questions: “Which do you check first in the morning, Facebook, email, or the alarm clock?”
  2. Fill-in-the-blank: The last album that I bought online was _______.
  3. Post photos and ask questions about it (to get your fans to engage): “How many legos do you think it took to build this?”
  4. Post videos and ask about something specific in the video: “Can anyone guess where this video was taken?”
  5. Bring up current (related) news: Ask fans to share their thoughts on a topic that is related to your business. For example, if you sell team apparel, ask fans about last nights game.
  6. Have a photo caption contest: Post a funny photo and ask fans to add a caption. To make it more enticing, give something away (not too expensive, maybe a product you sell or a gift card)
  7. Ask hypothetical questions: “If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you move?”
  8. Ask for likes: “Like this post if you had an AMAZING weekend!”

Pretty simple, no? Effective, yes!  As  you’re thinking of status updates that you can post to your Facebook Page, instead of focusing on selling products (notice I didn’t mention one status update about buying), work to get to the heart of what your business is all about (the nuts and bolts).

Give these 8 simple and effective Facebook Page status updates a try and you should see more comments and more likes from your fans – not to mention, a boost in your Facebook Edgerank, which means more visibility for your page and more opportunities to connect with your customers and fans!