Questions about Facebook locations

7 Common questions about Facebook locations

Facebook recently launched Facebook locations. If you have questions about setting up locations for your business, we’ve compiled a list of common questions to help you get started.

Questions on Facebook locations
Common questions about using Facebook locations.

Before you get started with using Facebook locations, you probably have quite a few questions. Here are a few tips to avoid when setting up your page.

Things to do:

  • Make sure you have the correct Page ID for the main Page
  • Make sure your page web address doesn’t have any spaces or symbols
  • Get your latitude and longitude coordinates

Things to avoid:

  • Do not add or remove columns in the spreadsheet
  • Avoid assigning store IDs that you previously assigned to other locations for your business

Keep reading for a list of common questions about Facebook locations.

Common questions about Facebook locations

1. Is it true Facebook locations are just Facebook parent-child pages?

Yes. Facebook locations were previously called parent-child pages.

2. What information and settings will be added to all location Pages?

  • The Page name, cover photo, and profile picture of the main Page will appear on all location Pages by default.  Location Pages can choose to change or create their own profile and cover photos if they wish.
  • Check-in data across all locations will be aggregated on the main Page, however other metrics (such as likes) will not be combined.

3. Can people post on newly created location Pages?

No. People will not be able to post content on locations Pages that are created with the spreadsheet method. If they wish to change their default setting for each location, they can edit their Facebook Page and change their settings within the Posting Ability section.

4. If there was already a Page for a store location, will it be removed after my spreadsheet is processed by Facebook?

No; however, if you add locations from the locations settings page, they will be marked as authentic.

Note: authentic locations rank higher when a person searches for a business.

5. Can the main page automatically post on all Facebook locations?

No. The main page cannot publish to all of their location Pages at once. The main page can publish to people who like their main page and the location pages can publish to people who like that location page.

6. How long will it take for the Pages to be created after I send in the completed spreadsheet?

After you have submitted the completed spreadsheet, it will take approximately 48 hours or longer to process.

7. After I setup Facebook locations the first time, how do I add new locations?

After you go through the initial process, you will be able to view and manage locations from the settings menu on your Facebook Page.

Wrap-up on locations

What other questions do you have about using Facebook locations? Leave a comment below with your questions.