Facebook onsite notifications for Facebook Pages

Facebook Onsite Notifications and what this means for your Facebook Pages

Facebook onsite notificationsToday, Facebook unveiled a new feature for Facebook Pages called onsite notifications.  While Facebook onsite notifications sounds like a tool to notify businesses when a customer or fan is “onsite” so that they can offer them a special or deal, it is anything but that.

What are Facebook onsite notifications?

Facebook onsite notifications are a handy way to combine notifications from your Facebook Page with notifications you receive on your Facebook Profile.

Think of it like this – you spend a lot of time on Facebook, keeping up with friends, posting updates and sharing photos. Instead of having to go check your Facebook Profile for updates from friends and your Facebook Page for updates from fans, you can now receive notifications from Facebook Pages just by logging into your Facebook account.

What is included in Facebook onsite notifications for Facebook Pages?

  • Someone posts on your Facebook Page
  • Comments from fans
  • New likes
  • You receive a new message

Unfortunately, there’s no way to set which notifications you are notified about. You either get notified about all Facebook onsite notifications or none of them.

How to turn on Facebook onsite notifications

In order to use Facebook onsite notifications, you first need to enable it on your Facebook Page that you are an Admin on. Here’s how:

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. On your Facebook Page, click on Edit page > Update info > Your settings
  3. Check the box next to “Onsite Notifications” and click save

Now, anytime someone posts, comments, likes or messages your Facebook Page, you won’t have to miss out on an opportunity to engage back with them with Facebook onsite notifications turned on.