How Google works

How Google works? [Infographic]

How Google works

If you’ve ever been curious about how Google works, then we have the answer (well, part of it).

In fact, it’s actually very fascinating if you really think about it. Most people assume that Google just consults a database when you enter a Google search. We wish it were that simple to determine what content to show to users after they perform a Google search.

Instead, they sort it, rank it, run it through more filters, compare it against different policies that are in place, run it through some more filters and finally end up bringing that content back when you perform a keyword search on Google. Sounds like a lot of steps doesn’t it? I’m sure there are a lot more in fact.

If you want an abbreviated version on how Google works, here’s the short version.

How Google works (short version)

  1. Create really good content
  2. Build your website so that Google can understand how it is structured / mapped out
  3. Tell people about your content

How Google works (long version) – the infographic

Now, the long version on how Google works (with an infographic).

While this doesn’t tell you everything about Google, it does give you a glimpse into what they go through to bring back the right content each time that you search.
How Google works

[Via PPCBlog]

Do you find this process fascinating?  All of that just to return content to users based on the keywords they search for.

Why should I know how Google works?

A lot of you are probably thinking – great, another infographic. This one is important to pay attention to because if you’re not ranking on the first few pages of Google, this means you’re putting out lots of effort for minimal gain.

Question: What would you do to change how Google works? Or would you do anything?