Merge multiple Facebook Pages

How to merge multiple Facebook Pages

How to merge Facebook Pages

In late August, I wrote about how to merge duplicate Facebook Pages. This method works great if you want to merge just two Facebook Pages together.  What do you do if you have more than one Facebook Page and want to merge all of them together though? We’re going to show you how to merge Facebook Pages together when you have more than one Facebook Page.

Before we begin, I wanted to highlight one way that a lot of people often try to use to merge Facebook Pages.  This involves posting a message on one page and to include a link to the correct Facebook Page you want fans to like.  While you may get a few of your fans to convert to your new page, this tutorial on how to merge Facebook Pages can make it much easier (and faster) to merge Facebook Pages together.  All you need is to use the request to merge multiple Facebook Pages form.

Before we show you how to merge multiple Facebook Pages, there are a few things you need to prepare first:

  1. Each Facebook Page must be the same type of page.  For example, one page cannot be a local business, while another is an online business
  2. Facebook Pages that have a location must have the same address information on each page
  3. When you merge Facebook Pages, page likes and check-ins get combined
  4. All other content (wall posts, photos, usernames, comments, post likes, etc) will not be added to the page you want to keep
  5. You must be an admin on all of the Facebook Pages you want to merge
  6. There’s no going back – you cannot unmerge pages once you have merged them

How to merge Facebook Pages

Now that you’ve prepared your Facebook Pages you want to merge using the above criteria, let’s show you how to merge Facebook Pages!

  1. Open the request to merge multiple Facebook Pages form
  2. Select the Facebook Page you want to keep
  3. Select up to 5 Facebook Pages you want to merge with the page you want to keep
  4. Click “send”

Key point: I have merged multiple Facebook Pages together for a number of clients and it’s very easy.  Merging multiple Facebook Pages together is also pretty fast.  In my experience, it only took about 24 hours to merge Facebook Pages together.  One additional thing, there have been claims that you can only merge Facebook Pages with a smaller number of likes into ones with more likes. I’ve merged Facebook Pages both ways using the request to merge multiple Facebook Pages form without any isuses.

Overall, some pages were merged within hours, others that needed a little more verification from Facebook took up to 48 hours before the Facebook Pages were merged.

One thing to remember, be sure you have a strategy in place before you begin creating a Facebook Page because while you can use this feature to merge up to 6 Facebook Pages (the one you want to keep and 5 others), don’t think of it as a free pass that you can use over and over again.

If you need additional help to learn how to merge Facebook Pages or want help creating or re-tooling your social media strategy, feel free to send me a message on Facebook.

Happy merging!

  • Nicole Junior

    Thank you this was perfect. I had been trying to do it the way they said in the Help Center however; the tab never showed for me to merge duplicate pages even though the names were identical for both churches. This form was no hassle at all and worked like a charm. You Rock!!!!

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @facebook-177203067:disqus, so glad! Thanks for reading.

  • NickiVS

    Can you tell me how long the verification process takes once a request is put in? Will we receive notice right away or will it take a few days?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @nickivs:disqus, it is usually about 24 hours. It really depends on how many pages are being merged and if there are any areas Facebook needs to really look into.

      • Orapin

        I have also the same problem. I have sent my request 4 days ago, in order to merge 2 pages, but I haven’t seen any change.
        Yesterday, I have resent the request form again…still no update yet.
        What shall i do for the next step?

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          @15d261e167ad3a16edb6ab737ae82a4f:disqus, it can take a few days. I’ve even had a merge request on Facebook take a few weeks.

          I would send the form once, provide the information they ask for, and give them some time to approve it. It usually doesn’t happen instantly.

          • arita

            the link is now not found. so sad..

          • Christian Karasiewicz

            @d0fc1ac61cd37ba2bc5a13aa5b5c3704:disqus, please try the link again. It works. I just tested it.

          • Babs

            @christian, hello from greece. I also cannot open the link. and when I go to the edit my page, I cannot find the merge pages option.

          • Christian Karasiewicz

            The merge option does not appear on most pages.

            If it doesn’t, you have to go to the link – which it is only available to US users.

          • Babs

            thank you christian for the quick reply. Is there any other suggestion or idea for the merging of two pages that can work outside of the US?
            Additionally is there anything an admin of a page can do so that the merge option can appear/be active?

          • Angelos Pappas

            Babs, I’m also from Greece and trying to merge two of my pages but the link doesn’t work. Have you figured anything out? Thanks 🙂

          • Emily Goodwin

            I am a US user and the link won’t work for me either 🙁

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  • Andy

    I’ve tried to do this with Facebook but they’re not merging the pages. I have 3 pages, 1 called Development, 1 called Development Music and 1 called Development Manchester – I would like them all merged under Development Music – can you let me know if this is possible or do they all need to be called the same>?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @91889ccaeab13a38ff98aca27b4f9153:disqus, naming does get taken into consideration; however, it won’t mean you cannot merge Facebook Pages.

      At what part of the process are you getting stuck?

      Can you send me the links through my contact form? Also, indicate any error messages you are getting.


  • gappa

    The page is not found.

  • gappa

    The link to the form says ‘Page not found’

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_eTWjzzS1qj:disqus, try it now. Facebook’s links to the merge Facebook Pages form don’t always stay up. I just tested the link again and it is working now.

  • Brian Allen

    dang is there any way to do it if you are just a content creator?
    i had a page and my friend is the content creator, well i lost my account and will not be able to get it back and now i can not be added to the page to run it. i am so lost and sad that i cannot run my page. do you know anything that can help?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_JX65AMsr6S:disqus, you can try going to the form for merging Facebook Pages that I listed and look in the dropdown menu to see if your pages are there.

  • Evanali Sihotang

    i dont find the option to merge the page on my page??? Can somebody help me???

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @evanalisihotang:disqus, look under the “How to merge Facebook Pages” section. Everything you need there is listed to where you don’t need to go to your Facebook Page.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @evanalisihotang:disqus, I checked the links again just now. The forms are working. If you need one-on-one Facebook coaching, let me know.

  • Alycia Stephens

    I am currently a manager of 7 pages. Is there any possible way to merge all 7?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @alyciastephens:disqus, you would need to complete this form twice.

      Submit one merge process – get it to go through.

      When that is done, then merge your other pages. You will end up with one Facebook Page after you merge them.

  • Nour Berro


  • Nour Berro

    HELLO , there is a problem … iam not finding the merge option in my new page , i only found it on the page that i want to change her name

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @nour_berro:disqus, if you cannot get the form within your account, you can go straight to the form by using link mentioned above. Look at item #1 in the post.

  • George

    Unfortunately the link for merge requesting returns a “Page not found” 🙁

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      I just tried the link again for merging Facebook Pages and it works. Sometimes the links don’t work depending on the country you are in. Can you try it again?


      • Maria L. Jensen

        Hello Christian,

        It seems that the link is again not working (I tried both in the description) since I’m being directed to “Page not found” :/ any way to fix this?

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          @marialjensen:disqus, what country are you in? Some users located outside the United States have reported this same issue.

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  • Liran Kapoano

    Could be a dumb question, but if you’re merging two pages with the goal of fixing a name mistake…how does Facebook determine which name to keep?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @lirankapoano:disqus there are separate fields where you select the page you want to merge and the page you want to keep. It’s a very easy process.

  • Christian Karasiewicz

    @kasperthorplougmann:disqus those instructions are not valid anymore. You need to use the ones I listed above. Start with the How to merge Facebook Pages section.


    • Kasper Thorø Plougmann

      I have tried that too. And I don’t get the option to merge my pages :/

      • Christian Karasiewicz

        What country are you located in? I’ve had some users outside of the United States not be able to access this form either.

        • Kasper Thorø Plougmann

          I’m from Denmark 🙂

          • Christian Karasiewicz

            @kasperthorplougmann:disqus the links don’t work outside of the US. You would need someone in the US to help with that part.

            If you need my help, feel free to book a coaching session with me.

          • Kasper Thorø Plougmann

            We ended up with just deleting the old page, and creating a new one 😛

  • Anthony Scott Logan
  • Anthony Scott Logan

    Please let me know if this merge will work

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @anthonyscottlogan:disqus yes. This process works. Where are you stuck at?


      • Anthony Scott Logan

        Ok so I have two pages, one is

        facebook / urbancocomagazine1

        The other is

        facebook / fibremagazine

        that i’m trying to merge. Urban coco has now rebranded into Fibre Magazine.

        I’ve put through the request, but its been over 10 days now and i’ve heard nothing back.

        Any help would be much appreciated.



        • Christian Karasiewicz

          @anthonyscottlogan:disqus when you submitted the request, did you get a pop-up notification saying they received it? If you did not, I would submit it again.

          If you did, you’ll need to wait it out. Sometimes it can take a few hours, days, weeks, or even longer for the change to happen. If after a month you don’t hear anything, I would consider submitting the request again – they take time.

  • Christian Karasiewicz

    @anthonyscottlogan:disqus when you submitted your merge request, did you get a pop-up saying Facebook received it?

    Sometimes it takes a while to get your pages merged. I have had some take a few hours, others have taken days, and I have even had some pages take a month to get merged.

    If you received the pop-up when you submitted your request, give it some more time. Then consider re-submitting it.

  • Jerad Hobaugh

    Hi Christian, I have a merging question about 2 pages that are for the same business. page A (35,000+ likes) is the primary page with the original name, and page B (422 likes) is a new page with the new business name. Is merging page A into B the best way to use the new business name? I’m hoping to not loose all my account activity from page A.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @jeradhobaugh:disqus if your goal is not to lose the account activity on Page A, then you will want to merge Page B into Page A.

      When you merge Facebook Pages, the page you are merging from gets deleted along with all of the Facebook activity and the Facebook vanity URL. All that gets transferred over are the fans.

      • Jerad Hobaugh

        Thanks for your fast reply! My goal is actually to use the vanity URL from page B. Are you aware of what would happen if I deleted page B? Does that put it back into the available username database? Maybe I could use the 1-time vanity URL name change if that were the case. I appreciate your help.

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          @jeradhobaugh:disqus when you delete the other page, it does not put the Facebook URL back into the pool.

          You could try a one-time Vanity URL change. If you have access to is, you would see it in the edit section for your page URL.


      • Nishan Singh

        Hi Christian, I have a page with 11500 fans and I want to merge it with another page that has 1600 fans. Would the 11500 fans be transfered to the 2nd page or will I lose the fans?

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          When your merge Facebook Pages, they will be transferred to the new page – you won’t lose fans.

  • Caleb

    SO helpful! Thank You Christian

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      You’re very welcome Caleb. Glad to hear!

      • Exfosys Kandy

        but it is not working here (Sri Lanka)… what could be reason.
        I mean broken link

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          @exfosyskandy:disqus it isn’t a broken link. The link doesn’t work in all countries. If it doesn’t work for you, it is likely blocked where you are at. You would need to have someone in another country help you with this.

  • CC

    The link to request to merge multiple facebook pages is “broken”.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      What country are you located in? The merge request form doesn’t work in all countries.

  • Carol

    I am trying to merge two existing face book pages according to your instructions. I can find settings when I click on the down arrow but I can’t find any edit page or anything like resources. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_MLkUjwqDkX:disqus, the other way you can merge pages is to skip to the bottom and go to the how to merge Facebook Pages section – there is also a form you can access directly. Try that instead.

  • Umra

    The link say Page not found

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      What country are you located in? The form doesn’t work in all countries.

  • RP

    Hi Christian. Should the pages have the same name? Or is it okay if not? Thanks.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      They don’t have to have the exact name. They should have something similar. For example, Christian Karasiewicz – Social Media Strategist and Christian Karasiewicz.

  • Lisa Pellegrene

    Hi Christian,
    I would like to move my personal page and merge with my existing “fan” actress/director page…I read that you can move a personal page to a business page, but what about moving the personal page and merging to an existing “fan page”. My personal page has 5000 friends + close to 700 followers and close to 3400 I believe on my fan page, so I dont want to mess this up :/ any help would be appreciated!! thanks 🙂

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @lisapellegrene:disqus, can you reach out to me and book a one-on-one coaching session? This way we can walk through your settings and make sure you get off on the right foot.

      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


  • Stella

    Hi Christian,
    I have 2 Fan Pages that am admin on. One is a clothing line page and one is a Personal Fan Page with over 9K likes that is very active. I made a mistake and changed the name on my Personal Fan Page instead of making name changes to my clothing Fan Page. Because I was signed into the wrong account. I need to put my name on my Official Personal Fan Page back to what it was and because I made the name change, it woudn not let me! What can I do? Please help!!

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Once you make a change to the name of a page, you are locked in. The only way to get around this is to create a new page with the right name and merge the page with the new one.

  • Muhammad Al Quaid

    The above link to ” request to merge multiple Facebook Pages form” is no longer working. Can you please check and advise. Thanks.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @muhammadalquaid:disqus, what country are you located in? Some of the forms don’t work in all countries.

      • Muhammad Al Quaid

        I am based in the UAE. The exact message is:
        Sorry, this page isn’t available
        The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.
        Thanks for your help Christian.

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          @muhammadalquaid:disqus, that form isn’t available where you’re at. You would need to have someone in the United States or Canada help you out with merging your pages.

          If you need my help, feel free to setup a one-on-one coaching session.


          • Mahaveer Choudhary

            also I have this problem what can I do plz help me

  • Viv

    Hi Christian,
    I have a Facebook page with more than 2k likes and it’s very active. I would like to change my page name but Facebook is not allowing me to do so without official documentation (I think I have changed the name once before). Is creating a new page and merging it with my current page the only solution? Would I lose my current likes and posts? I’ve worked really hard on all my posts and to get the likes so I really don’t want to mess anything up. Thank you!

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      When you merge pages, the only thing that transfers are the fans (likes). Any photos, engagement, page URL, etc does not — if you are merging an old page into a new one.

      • Alan Quah

        Hi Christian,
        I have some issue something similar to @Viv situation. I have a OLD page with 2k likes. I have work so hard to keep all the likes but unfortunately I need to change my page name & the URL name (I guess I change it once). I created a NEW page with the same name, info & trying to merge them but fb only leave me an option to merge from the NEW page to the OLD page (with 2k likes) no matter how I choose. In other words, the 0 page (NEW) like to a 2k page (OLD) likes. As I read all the comments above, there only mention merge the OLD to the NEW page. But seem I doesn’t have this option. Please advice. I located in Malaysia. Thanks in advance.

  • Mahaveer Choudhary

    hii I try this ,, but request to merge multiple Facebook Pages form link gone blank or this page not found

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_CHhDjctdCq:disqus, they recently took down the form and there isn’t another public form available at the moment. Will update if a new form becomes available.

  • ireneturner

    THANK YOU!!!! Now let’s see what happens 🙂

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      You’re welcome @ireneturner:disqus. Let me know how it works out for you.

  • Martin

    Hi Christian,
    I am based in Czech Republic. The option to change the name is not available here. Also to merge the pages is not available. Is there any way I can change the name or merge the pages?
    Thanks for help.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Hi Martin,

      The merge pages form doesn’t work in a all countries. The best fix for now is to have someone in the US or Canada help you submit a merge request for your pages.

      If you need me to help you with this, please setup a one-on-one coaching session here:


  • Chris

    Hi Christian

    I have recently converted my profile over to a page and as I had a existing page already, wanted to merge the two together to have one consolidated page to work/promote from. Both pages have the identical name, are the same type of pages and all page information the same. I have used the link you provided above (thanks!) and every route I have tried (bigger page into smaller and vice versa), generates the same response from Facebook, via email, confirming the request has been denied (see attached image). I have tried everything I know to try and contact FB, but to no avail.

    Do you perhaps have any other suggestions of what I could try to make this merge happen?!

    Thank you in advanced.


    • Christian Karasiewicz

      If the page names are the same, the request should go through. Of course, there are always Facebugs.

      They also deny requests if you have a lot of things pending with them.

      For example, do you have any other things in process with Facebook such as multiple merge requests?

      Ideally, you want to have one finish before submitting another one.

      In this situation, one other thing you can do is have someone else submit the merge request.

      If you need me to help you do this, feel free to schedule some time with me.

      You can use the code: CHRISTIAN72S to get your first 15 minute session on Helpouts for free.

      • Chris

        Thanks Christian,

        Still no luck 🙁

        I have set up an appointment. Missed that free code unfortunately!



        • Christian Karasiewicz

          Glad we got everything worked out.

  • Christian Karasiewicz

    Glad to hear you were able to get your pages merged @ireneturner:disqus!

  • Emilia Pontacq

    The link with the merge form isn’t available anymore

    • Emilia Pontacq

      Why doesn’t the option Merge Pages appear on one of my pages ?

      • Christian Karasiewicz

        @emiliapontacq:disqus, most pages don’t get the merge option. You have to use the merge pages form link instead.

        They all go to the same place whether you access it from a Facebook Page or from the form link.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @emiliapontacq:disqus it is…I just used it yesterday. The form is country specific so if you try and access it in a country that isn’t supported it will give you an error.

  • sdolissy

    Hi Chris,I try to merged about 4 pages and they confirmed they are going to send me an email, since two days I’ve not received any email…. i hope nothing is wrong?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      The process for merging Facebook Pages can be a bit slow.

      I would mark it on the calendar and give it a few weeks. If you don’t hear anything by then, try it again.

      You should (at some point) get an email from them once they approve the merge.

      • sdolissy

        Thank you Chris for responding, i wanted to merger about 5 pages so i received 4 approval messages on 9th of this September in the morning that i have to wait for 14days, so on the same 9th in the evening i received another 1 email saying “Your Page request has been denied” does it mean all the 5 was denied or is it only one of the pages cos i requested 5 pages to be merged but only 4 was approved

  • faisal mehar

    sir please help me how to change facebook fan page web URL after limit i am all right use one chance

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      For the URL, you can’t unless you create a new page.

  • Michele Zotta

    Hi Christian,
    I am writing you from Italy and I have the following problem.
    I need to merge different fb pages of a group of gym (3) into a unique big fan page.
    Some of these pages (total of 7) have similar names, one of them is completely different.
    Now, my strategy would be:
    1) send a fb request for renaming each one of the pages, in order to have all the pages with the same name, cathegory, address;
    2) once I have them all with the same name proceed with the merge.
    Do you think it will work?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Hi Michele Zotta, in order to merge the pages, they usually need to have the same name. So if you need to merge all of those pages, you need to rename them first, then perform your page merge, but what you’ve described should work.

      The only thing I’m not sure will work for you are the forms you need to merge the pages. They are country specific and typically don’t work outside of the US or Canada.

      If you find the forms don’t work for you, let me know and I can help you. Just schedule a time with me. Here’s a code you can apply to a session if you need help getting your merge request submitted.

      • Michele Zotta

        Thanks a lot Christian! I’ll let you know! And yes, if I will have problems I’ll contact you. Have a nice day

  • Mr World

    Hi Christian, I have tried to follow your instructions but the request to merge links doesn’t work! and I can’t see merge option in the profile info or the settings of my page. Do you know any other possible way to merge my pages?
    Thank you

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Mr World, I just checked the links and the forms to merge Facebook Pages are working. Where are you located? Facebook restricts this feature in some countries.

      If you’re outside the US and Canada, they won’t work. I can help you though. Can you schedule a time with me to help?

      This is the only way you can request to merge pages. We can also look into your other issue that you are having.

      Note: Use the code: CHRISTIAN72S when scheduling a time with me to get your first helpout session free.


  • Sławek Kołodziejski

    Hi Christian, thank you for your work so far! I am writing to you because unfortunately when I try to merge my pages there is information that I will keep page that I don’t want to keep (and it indeed has more likes in comparison to the new one – 253 likes to 1). Doesn’t matter which page I will put into Page1 Page2 menus, FB wants me t keep the older one, which I don’t want to keep!! And I do this merge only because I want to change name again and I can’t… Ochh FB is being so annoying. Can you please help me somehow?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      It doesn’t matter which direct you merge your pages. You can merge the smaller page into the larger one or the other way around – depending on your situation.

      As far as the information, if you have information on a page you are merging into another page, that information won’t transfer. Just the likes do.

      If you’re having trouble selecting a page, you need to make sure you’re an admin on both pages for that Facebook Profile you are logged into.

      Merging doesn’t let you change your page name. It never has. You would need to create a new page with the right page name that you want and then merge your old page into the new one.

      If you’re looking to rename your page, here are some options you can try to do this.

  • Bob Cummins

    The post answer a question I didn’t ask and does not supply an answer anyone can help me with. It’s not a tough question, but it seems to have stumped an entire planet so far:
    How do I copy my friends list from a Facebook account to an older one I still have? The newer account was setrup to import my Yahoo friends list and Facebook did not have a way to import them directly. I don’t want or need 2 accounts. One will do!

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Hi @disqus_paYoN0OoAC:disqus. Glad to hear you’re looking to consolidate your profiles. Having two profiles violates Facebook’s terms of service.

      This article is specifically about merging Facebook Pages.

      It sounds like you’re trying to merge two profiles – which you can’t do.

      The only option you could try is to use Excel to create a list of email addresses for your friends from the one profile and then import that list into your profile you want to keep and invite those people.

  • Fthnluv

    Christian I was told by facebook to merge my page into an artist page for my business. It got to the screen where I needed to designate an admin but it tells me my admin is invalid every time I enter. Even tried my girlfriends page as an admin & it won’t allow it. Now when I log on its stuck at that point & won’t go any further

  • sofi

    Hi Christian, i would like to change the name of my fan page, with 1650 like. but i dont know how, they ask me to send them a photo of my phone bill, and i dont have it…… can you help me pls

  • Pere Pierre Pietro

    Hi Christian,
    I converted my user to a page. Then I have to merge mi new page with the old one. I cannot merge because it says the names are too different. And I cannot change the names of any of the pages, maybe because there are moren than 200 people that like my page. What else can I do? Thanks.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Hi @perebcn:disqus, you would need to merge it into another page first and then into your final page.

  • Amantai Merkit

    HI Christian? I have recently converted my personal account to a page but I don’t like the page. How do i convert it back? Have got any idea? thanks.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @amantaimerkit:disqus , you can try the links mentioned here: It will depend on how long ago you converted your profile to a page. It’s also up to Facebook at this point on whether they will let you convert it back. The forms are a start.

  • Tracey Bovee

    Hi Christian, is it possible to merge two event pages? I have an event page that was created first but a friend of mine created a group with the same event on it as well. Can i merge the event page into the event on the group page?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Hi @traceybovee:disqus, unfortunately, no. You can only merge Facebook Pages. Events, groups, profiles can’t be merged.