Make it stick - messaging

Messaging & how to make it stick [Infographic]

Make it stick - messaging

If you’re someone who gives a lot of presentations, it is important to get your message across and make it stick with your audience. Not only does this help your presentation leave a lasting impression with your audience, but it can have an even greater impact on future presentations as well.

Why make your message stick with your audience?

When you’re giving a presentation, you want to keep your audience interested. Good presentations often have a clear, strong message and are able to make it stick with their audience.

This means their audience will leave their having learned something valuable.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen though. For every good presentation, there are lots more bad presentations.

For me, there’s nothing like sitting through a boring presentation where the presenter just reads through the slides or worse off, they have too many points on each slide. Not only is this unattractive, but it’s confusing to the audience. 

While the presenter is able to deliver their message, they are not able to make it stick. This means they did not accomplish the goal of their presentations, which should be to inform and educate their audience with a clear message.

Did you make it stick?

You’ll know that your presentation was successful when your audience does the following:

  • Tell their friends and colleagues
  • Shares your name on their social media channels
  • References you in their own presentations
  • Blogs about you on their website

How to make it stick when giving a presentation?

The team over at Slideshop, a website that creates and sells powerpoint templates, put together this infographic about messaging and how to make it stick with your audience when you are giving a presentation. 

Personally, my favorite piece of advice is to limit the number of bulleted items you include on each slide. Often times, I comes across presentations that try to cram too much information onto one slide. There’s only so much information the mind can absorb at one time.

Look these over and let me know if you agree with these tips on how to make it stick with your audience.

10 techniques on how to make your message memorable and make it stick

Make it stick - messaging

[Via Slideshop]

Question: What other characteristics do you think presenters could use in their messaging to help make it stick with their audience? You can leave a comment by clicking here.