Facebook photo engagement

Photo Engagement – Giving Facebook Photos A Boost

Facebook photo engagement
If your Facebook Page is lacking in engagement, it’s time to up the photos that you’re sharing (or not sharing). That’s because photo engagement is one of the best way’s to get your audience more involved on Facebook.

Why boost your photo engagement on Facebook?

According to Hubspot, photo engagement generates 53% higher engagement on Facebook compared to the average post. That’s a significantly higher number and one that you don’t want to overlook.

So what can you do to boost your photo engagement on Facebook? We’ve compiled some of the best way’s to get better photo engagement on Facebook with photos.

10 way’s to boost photo engagement on Facebook

As the old adage goes:

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Not only do photos help make your Facebook Page more attractive to look at, but they help to trigger emotions within your fans and customers, leading to better photo engagement.

Let’s check out a few tips on way’s you can boost photo engagement on Facebook.

1. Asking for Likes

Ask and you shall receive. This is especially true for Facebook photos. If you truly want to get your fans involved and actively engaged with your brand, ask them to like your photo. If you’re really feeling brave and you have a photo that you think is really awesome, ask them to share it. This way it will reach more people!

Pro tip: when choosing a photo to share, be sure you post photos that are related to your business, not just Internet memes. Yes, they will increase your photo engagement, but for the wrong reasons.

2. Change it up and have fun!

When posting photos on your Facebook Page, be sure to mix things up. If you consistently post the same photo over and over, fans will tire of this approach. Mix things up and don’t be afraid to try different types of photos to see which one boosts your photo engagement.

Pro tip: every photo you share on your Facebook Page won’t lead to a high number of likes or shares. This is part of the process of trial and error. Just be sure to pay attention to what worked and what didn’t work and tweak your Facebook marketing strategy.

3. Cover current events

Whether it’s the Super Bowl or the Presidential Election, be sure to share photos related to these events on your Facebook Page.

This is a great opportunity to let fans know a little bit about you and your allegiance and to ask them to share their favorite picks.

Pro tip: when you post photos related to current events, Facebook groups them in the news feed. This gives you an opportunity to boost your Facebook Page’s presence.

4. Involve your audience

While I mentioned it is important to share photos that are related to your business, that doesn’t mean you cannot have fun.

Get your audience involved by asking them to share their favorite photos with you. If you want to stick to business, ask them to take a photo of themselves with one of your products and send it to you.

Pro tip: kick things up a notch and consider sharing some of the best photos you receive from your fans on your official Facebook Page. (be sure to get their permission first).

5. Ask a question

Your Facebook Page is a two-way street. When sharing photos, be sure to incorporate questions into your images from time-to-time. Not only does this give your photos a bit of fresh air, but it also let’s fans know that you’e not just using them as a sounding board.

For example, let’s say you shared a photo of you with your team in a meeting. Instead of just saying “Coming up with new product ideas,” you could rephrase the question and ask “Top secret meeting with my team. What do you think we’re working on next?”

Pro tip: keep photos fun and don’t spend too much time creating the perfect photo. Fans are interested in what you have to say, not on how artistic your photo is.

6. Involve yourself

One of the biggest areas most Facebook Pages overlook is to not respond to fans. It’s as simple as saying “thank you” or “good observation.” By responding, you let fans know that you’re listening and it gives them a feeling that you’re actually there on the page.

Pro tip: don’t make excuses for not responding to fan comments on photos. We live in a mobile day and age. You’re connected whether on the couch, at your desk, or at lunch. The most successful Facebook Pages actively respond to fans.

7. Choose a good photo to share

If you really want good photo engagement, make sure you’re sharing photos that your fans and customers want to see. Be sure to try these 5 way’s to build Facebook engagement through photo sharing. Not all photos have to be the same type. There are lots of them that will trigger emotions in your fans and customers and get them to engage.

Pro tip: if you run out of ideas, ask your fans what they would like to see.

8. Caption your photos

We’re not all mind readers. Be sure you include a caption on every image, unless it’s self-explanatory (like a cartoon). In your caption, ask fans a question related to the image and encourage them to comment.

For example, I shared this photo last week. How would you answer it?

9. Add a caption to your photo

If you have an amazing photo, but you’re stuck on what to add as a caption, let your fans decide.

A great way to do this is with fill-in-the-blank questions.

Pro tip: did someone leave an awesome caption? Consider creating a Facebook Page.

10. Optimize your images

All of these tips are great for achieving better photo engagement on Facebook, but the best way to give your photos a boost is to optimize your images.

Pro tip: read these Facebook Page image optimization tips. They do a great job at explaining how images are scaled up or down, which affects how they look on your Facebook Page.

Question: Which of these photo engagement techniques have you tried on your Facebook Page? You can leave a comment by clicking here