Signature-Secret notes & photos app review

Signature-Secret Notes and Photos App Review [video]

Signature-Secret notes & photos app review

If you store passwords, login credentials or personal information you don’t want others to access in the notes app on your iOS device or in your emails, it’s time to make a change. Storing important data like this in an unsecured location can be trouble if someone gets your device. That’s why you should consider a secure option like the app, Signature-Secret Notes and Photos. While storing this information in apps such as notes or in your email makes it easy access sensitive information when you need it, if you ever lose your device or don’t have it password protected, someone can easily access this important information. So how do you make accessing secure data like passwords and login credentials easy and secure at the same time? Signature-Secret Notes and Photos.

What I like about Signature-secret notes and photos:

When you first launch Signature-Secret Notes and Photos, it seems like a basic notes app. Hidden behind the notes app (literally), is a secure area to store private notes, login credentials, passwords, and even photos. To access Signature-Secret Notes and Photos, you simply draw a symbol, letter, number, or whatever unlock code you set on your screen, and the public notes and photos disappear to reveal your private secret notes and photos.

Video on using Signature-Secret Notes and Photos

If that sounds confusing, make sure you watch this short video on the Signature-Secret Notes and Photos app and how you access notes and photos that you have marked as private.

YouTube Preview Image

Downloading Signature-Secret Notes and Photos

The Signature-Secret Notes and Photos app is available for iOS devices such as your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. While it isn’t available for the iPad or iPad Mini, you can still download and run the app on your tablet although you’ll have to run it in fullscreen mode.

When downloading the app, you have two choices; a free version, which let’s you store three private notes and three photos. The paid version (which is just $1.99), let’s you store an unlimited number of private notes and photos.

Download Signature-Secret Notes and Photos app

Wrap-up on Signature-Secret Notes and Photos

Overall, I like the simplicity and security that the Signature-Secret Notes and Photos app affords. Most apps that try to password protect your content only ask for a passcode.  Signature-Secret Notes and Photos gives you a few options – drawing a secret symbol, letter or number, entering a passcode, or both.

While the app doesn’t seem to do much, it’s definitely worth it if you’re someone who loses your device or you don’t have a passcode on it now.

Question: Outside of storing confidential information in the notes app or in emails, what other way’s do you store private information you need to access regularly? Click here to leave a comment.