Social Media tips for your WordPress blog

If you have a WordPress blog, it’s essential that you are plugged into social media. Just putting some social media icons on your blog isn’t enough, though. You actually need to follow some tips in order to provide your readers with the best experience possible.

Social media tips for WordPress blogs

Social media tips for your WordPress blog

Create a Facebook Page for Your Blog

First, consider creating a Facebook page specifically for your blog. This is a great way to attract readers on the social network. It will also ensure that you don’t annoy your current Facebook fans with your blog updates.

That being said, you do still want to post updates on your regular Facebook page. However, you won’t need to create a status update for every blog post if you have your own Facebook page for your blog. You can post all of your updates on the page that was created specifically for your blog, and some updates on your regular page.

Don’t Forget About Pinterest

Pinterest is still relatively new, so some bloggers forget to add it to their WordPress sites. You need to pin photos from your blog and link them back to the corresponding post. This will help you get some extra traffic.

Also, be sure to add some Pinterest plugins on your WordPress blog so your visitors can get in on the fun. You’ll be amazed by how much people like to use Pinterest.

Extra Pinterest Tip

Be sure to use one of the Premium WordPress templates that was designed to handle lots of images. Then, you can create an image gallery on your blog, and people can pin pictures from that gallery.

Don’t Take a One Size Fits All Approach

A lot of blog owners like the idea of publishing their content to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with a click of a button. It’s simple, and people like simplicity. The only problem is that you have a different audience on each network, so you need to cater your content to that audience. With that in mind, analyze each network to determine what your audience responds to, and then send blog content that meets that need. Your click-through-rates will improve, as will your engagement. As an added bonus, you won’t bore the people who follow you across multiple networks. They will get something new on each network, so they will be more likely to stick around.

These simple tips will help you generate a solid online presence with WordPress and social media. You will expand your reach across the social networks, and still have a powerful blog.

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