Promoting your service using a Google Helpouts custom URL

One of my favorite tools I use to help grow my business is Google Helpouts.

If you are new to Google Helpouts, it is an amazing tool where you can give live help over video.

Getting started with Google Helpouts

I have been offering Helpouts since they began in November and it has been an extremely valuable part of my business.

So far, I’ve been using Google Helpouts for my Facebook one-on-one coaching sessions.

Facebook coaching on Google Helpouts
Facebook One-on-One coaching with Google Helpouts.

If you want to give your own Google Helpouts, you can get started here.

Marketing Google Helpouts

Once you have signed up and have a listing, your listing is available on Google Helpouts.

This is a good way to generate helpout sessions from people searching on the helpouts site.

What if you want to make it easy for people to remember your URL and do your own marketing?

For example, through your social media channels or to your email list?

This is where creating a Google Helpouts custom URL comes in handy.

Benefits of a custom URL

The main reason to create a Google Helpouts custom URL is so that it is easier to promote your helpout.

Google Helpouts custom URL
Example of a Google Helpouts custom URL.

Remember, you want to make it as easy as possible for consumers (people interested in your product) to become customers (people ready to buy your product).

This is where having a custom URL can help you out.

Instead of sending someone a URL that isn’t easy to remember, you can send them your Google Helpouts custom URL – or even add them on your business cards.

Here’s how to create a Google Helpouts custom URL in just a few easy steps.

How to create a Google Helpouts custom URL

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