The History of Photography [Infographic]

A Brief History on Photography

It’s hard to believe that photography has been around since 1826.  Over the past 100+ years, we have seen a number of technological advancements in photography.

For example, in 1878, high speed photography made its first appearance.   In 1960, film gave way to digital photos taken from the moon.  Then in the 80s, Polaroid introduced the instant camera, where you could take a photo and have an instant print-out within seconds.  Fast-forward and photography has taken another GIANT leap.  This time, courtesy of social media and mobile phones.

Past vs Present

In the past, cameras used to be expensive and required film.  Because of this, only professionals tended to own one.  Today, nearly anyone with a smartphone has a solid, quality camera at their disposal because the advancements in photography have helped to shrink the size of the camera, reduce the price, and reduce the need for film, replacing it with a hard drive instead.

Additionally, the proliferation of social networks that have popped up in recent years have encouraged users to share more of their daily lives – and because of that, they’re taking more and more photos.

Because we’re taking and sharing more and more photos, social media has helped us to expand the size of our networks as well as turn us into budding photographers, allowing us the opportunity to pay homage to cameras from decades past with the help of photo filters.

Take a moment to check out an infographic on the history of photography – it’s pretty remarkable how far we’ve come.

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10 ways social media is good for the workplace [Infographic]

Over the years, many people have wondered if social media is a fad. Having been heavily involved in social for 6+ years, I would have to say no, social media is not a fad.  Sure, other networks will come along and replace what’s hot at the time – just look at how Facebook overtook MySpace.  While you cannot stop new networks from popping up, one thing that won’t be disappearing anytime soon is how businesses market and interact with customers and employees.

Judging from the numbers Compliance and Safety reported, some 75% of businesses said they were behind the curve with social media and technology. While consumers have been embracing social media for years, the workplace seems to be just getting around to it.  In fact, check out this infographic on 10 ways social media is good for the workplace

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