App of the day: Turboscan

Turboscan appLately, I’ve been doing a little cleaning around my office. Stacks of papers, magazine articles I’ve meant to read but haven’t yet gotten to, even business cards that I’ve collected from people I’ve met at past conferences. Over time, it adds up and eventually, can overwhelm us and make it difficult for us to get things done because we end up spending more time searching for things in those stacks rather than getting things done.

To help me better organize my life, I’ve started going digital. Digital music, books, receipts, and even magazines. While it is easy to sign-up to start receiving digital books or magazines, what do you do with all of the countless papers that you’ve collected?

Fortunately, there’s an app that I’ve found that has helped me streamline things. It is called Turboscan.

Think of it like a personal scanner without the bulk that you can carry with you.

What I like about this app:

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