20 Twitter Terms to know (and bookmark)


Twitter in the dictionaryIf you’re just getting started with Twitter or even if you’ve been using it for a while, sometimes you just need a refresher on Twitter terminology.

I’ve taken the time to compose a list of 20 Twitter terms that you should get to know (and bookmark).

Take a few minutes to read through these 20 Twitter termsand examples of how you use them on Twitter to tweet with your friends and make new ones!

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Official launch of #15seconds hashtag

Today, I’ve excited to announce that I’m launching a neat little venture – the #15seconds hashtag. What I plan to do with this is to provide short and insightful tips on social media, business, marketing and technology through videos that are 15 seconds or less. Think of it as creative storyboarding!

To participate, all you simply need to do is send me a tweet with your question and include the hashtag, #15seconds. E.g. how do I update Twitter from my Facebook page? #15seconds. Once I receive your tweet, I’ll then send you back a video response.

Thanks again everyone for supporting my endeavors.


Christian (@ckroks)