10 Must have Social Media Marketing Tools

10 must-have social media marketing tools

Social media is a huge field and everyone using social media should take into consideration the amount of time required to get desired results. With effective social media marketing tools, the time you need to get the results will reduce significantly. Here are ten of our favorite social media marketing tools you can use.

What can social media marketing tools do for my business?

Having the right social media marketing tools in your arsenal won’t just save you time, but it can help your business make good on your social media strategy. Think about it. If you want to build a house, would you use a garden hose to build the framework? Of course not! If you wanted to build it right, you would use different tools to help get the job done such as a hammer and nails.

When looking at your social media strategy, the same holds true. You need to be using the right social media marketing tools. To help you out, we’re compiled some of our favorite social media marketing tools to help you get the job done – right!

10 must have social media marketing tools

We all know the cost of plagiarism when running social media campaigns. It reduces reputation, can embarrass and provide shallow content to audiences and this is negative. Plagtracker will ensure the content you share with your audience is valuable and unique.

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard one can use to monitor streams or lists and post to multiple social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It allows one schedule the time you want to publish your messages and gives you full control and the messages that go out. It also gives statistics of all messages and how well they do. Besides that their Android app is pretty good too.

A tool that enables its user to publish contents across a multitude of social media outlets. In addition, dlvr.it offers statistics on how followers on these various platforms respond to ones content. Once you link your RSS-feed, dlvr.it will auto-post the content to dozens of social networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, MySpace, Status.net, among others. It also offers engagement statistics, so you can gather data on how your audience is responding to your content and on which platforms you get the most response.

Plume is a Twitter app for Android that will keep you aware of what is happening on twitter even when offline. The app offers a variety of great features and is always synched with users’ online Twitter activity. Users check and reply to save searches, Twitter Lists, trending topics, @ mentions, Direct Mentions.

It is a fast and easy tool to use for scheduling. One is able to schedule tweets very fast. Works best where one is not selective of which tweets that go out, when, and in what order.

It is a tool you can use to analyze your followers streams to help you figure out when most of them are active on twitter. Knowing when your followers are on Twitter will give you the best times to tweet your stuff and get to reach them.

Social Oomph
The original Twitter tool and still very useful .Users manage their   Twitter following, unfollow and inactive account. There are many ways to sort including by profiles with no images, inactive, no bio and more. Besides this tool is free and has more exciting features.

Stickies are basically post it notes for your desktop. This makes them organized on your desktop where one can see them all the time. One can use them to keep track top tweeters, peoples posts to share, account info for personal accounts and for client accounts. The application is free to download.

Social Mention
Great tool that keeps you in the conversation of whatever you’re into. It focuses on real time social media search and analysis. They provide social media alerts similar to Google Alerts, sending you daily email updates about your keywords that pop up on social media sites.

G+ Search
It works like Google web search, just enter a term into the search bar and the search engine produces a list of results. Then narrow down by clicking on tabs titled: Posts, Profiles, Buzz, or Google Reader. The results include video, images, and news links that people have shared on their profiles.

Question: which of these social media tools do you currently use or plan to check out?

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