How to contact Google

How to Contact Google for Google+ Issues

While I love using social networks to help market by business and to help others, one thing I find challenging is getting help.  In most cases, you’ll often find a lot of people with similar questions on various web forums, but very few answers. We’ve compiled a list of the best way’s to contact Google about any issues you are having with your Google+ account.  This way you can get your issues resolved faster.

How to contact Google

How to contact Google

Report an issue, suggest new features, or send feedback

The first place to use to contact Google is their issues, features, and feedback form. This form gives you specific instructions on how to use Google Feedback to contact Google.

Report an inappropriate profile

Did you come across an inappropriate profile on Google+? Use this form to report inappropriate profiles to Google.

Before you contact Google, be sure you’ve reviewed the following guidelines from Google.

  • Profiles or pages with clear malicious or personal attacks will be removed, with no proof of identity necessary from the person making the report.
  • Profiles with no clear malicious goals, but perhaps with just your full name, may require you to send a photo of a government issued ID, such as a driver license. You don’t need to submit it as you fill out the form, but we may request this information for our investigation.
  • It’s possible that another person coincidentally shares your name and isn’t impersonating you. We don’t take action on profiles like these.
  • Pages that impersonate another company or organization will require an authorized representative of the company or organization being impersonated to provide a form of business verification.

Report inappropriate content

If you find inappropriate content on Google+ that violates Google’s content policy, use this form to contact Google and report it.

Note: If there are multiple contributions to a post, a gray flag will appear beside each update after you click Report abuse. You can then select the specific contribution to the post that you’d like to report.

Report a photo or video for abuse

When using Google+, if you come across photos or videos that are abusive in nature, you can report them to Google. This form is intended to let you report a photo or video for abuse to have it removed from Google+.

Report abuse in Public Hangouts

Google Hangouts are an amazing tool. Unfortunately, some people abuse them. If you come across abuse in one of your public Google Hangouts, use this form to contact Google and report it.

Report abuses of Hangouts On Air

Hangouts On Air are basically Google+ recorded hangouts. If you come across a Hangout On Air that violates Google’s terms of service, you would use this form to report it to Google.

Report abuse on events

Similar to reporting photos and videos, if you find an event that violates the Google+ terms of use, you can report it to Google. Use this form to contact Google about event related issues.

Report an inappropriate review or photo

Not all reviews that are written are legit. If you have a review about your business that you feel is inaccurate, you can contact Google and report it to them.

Remember, Google isn’t there to be a mediator. They’re they may look into your issue. To avoid inaccurate negative reviews, try to keep the peace between your business and customers. Translation, take the high road if there is a dispute.

Google+ Help forum

If none of these forms answer you questions, you can always use the Google+ Help forum.

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to look through discussions from other users and or to start your own discussion. Before you contact Google, be sure to check out the help forum.

Chances are, someone else has the same issue that you do.

What to submit when you contact Google?

When you’re ready to contact Google about your Google+ issues, be sure you have the following information ready. This can help expedite your issue and lead to a faster response from Google.

  • Identify your issue
  • Choose one (1) way to contact Google from the above list
  • Provide detailed instructions on how to reproduce your issue on Google+
  • Take a screenshot

What to do after you contact Google?

While everyone considers their issue to be the most important one for Google to resolve, make sure you spend time selecting the right channel to contact Google through.

Remember, some issues are more involved than you think so be patient when waiting for a response back from Google.

Question: What are some of the issues you currently have with Google? Leave a comment below with your issues.