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10 SEO tips for writing content that ranks

To write good SEO content that ranks well, you don’t need a Ph.D in English. Instead, there are lots of great SEO tips that you can incorporate into your next blog post that can help you improve your writing and your rankings.

The great thing is that these are SEO tips that anyone can do, it just takes some practice and to remember to use them when you are writing your next blog post.

Advice on writing for SEO

When writing for SEO, the best piece of advice I can offer is to be human. Sure, you can write a blog post and use the same keywords over and over, but that makes your post boring. It also means people probably won’t want to share your content because it lacks personality.

Some of my favorite seo tips include:

Writing for humans and not robots

Do you speak robot? If you want to communicate with your audience, write something that is thought provoking and something they will want to read.

Write for SEO, but use your words

Search engines can find variations in your text. Be sure you include them! This way your content isn’t boring and repetitive.

Write thorough blog posts

The more your write about a particular topic, the more search engines can crawl and index it. If you only write 300 words, you could be leaving out valuable information for your readers – and for search engines.

Use long tail keywords

If you think you’re going to write a blog post on a generic keyword, think again. Chances are it is very competitive so writing one blog post will not help you rank for SEO for that keyword. Instead, you want to focus on long tail keywords. These are terms that people are searching for. For example, how to get started with SEO.

Answering questions

Have you ever looked up a keyword on Google and noticed lots of discussion forums? If you happen to know the answer (and you have a blog post that answers the question), you’ll want to make sure you post it within the community. This is a valuable tip where you can be helpful and benefit from at the same time!

For example, the keywords rank well for SEO, which brings up the discussion forum. If you have a blog post answering that question, because this keyword ranks so well, you can share a link to your post and should see a decent amount of traffic from readers looking for this answer.

Overall, this is one of my favorite SEO tips (and most overlooked). Be sure you’re taking advantage of this one. Remember, if you are directing someone to the answer, make sure the content on your site is thorough. If you have good content, they may want to share it with others.

In addition to the SEO tips mentioned above, there are plenty more so keep reading.

10 SEO tips for writing content that ranks

10 SEO tips

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Note: SEO Tip #4 was dropped by Google.

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