12 things to do after blogging

12 Things to Do After Blogging [Infographic]

12 things to do after blogging

You’ve finished your blog post. Now what? Traffic will surely start rolling in, right? After blogging and hitting publish, you’re not done though. In fact, there’s a lot more that you need to be doing if you’re serious about getting your blog posts seen by more readers.

If you want your blog posts to succeed after you hit publish, make sure you’re doing these 12 things after blogging. Not only will they help you spread the word about your blog posts, but they’ll also help you track your blog posts so that you can see what is and isn’t working and refine your blogging efforts for your next post.

So what are these 12 things you need to be doing after blogging to help ensure that your blog post is successful and that it gets seen? 

12 things to do after blogging

Note: There’s also a handy infographic below in case you want to pin these tips to save them for later!

  1. Keyword optimization
  2. Content syndication
  3. Link shortening
  4. Tailoring content
  5. Teasers
  6. Bookmarking
  7. Commenting
  8. Leveraging Twitter
  9. Email
  10. Sharing
  11. Newsletters
  12. Blogger outreach

12 things to do after blogging


Personally, I think that all of these items are very important to do after you’ve finished your blog. While they may add a small amount of time to your list of things to do, each item helps you at a stage of the blogging process.

By following this checklist of items after blogging, while it won’t guarantee that your blog post turns out to be a dud (some topics just don’t work), you can help to change the outcome of your blog posts and get more eyes on them!

Question: What do you think about this list? Are you currently doing any of these things after blogging or are you just hitting publish? Leave a comment by clicking here.