5 areas for a successful Twitter profile

Want to get your Twitter game off the ground? I’ll be honest, adding followers is easy, getting someone to follow you back can be a challenge though. Here are five (5) areas you should complete to help create a successful Twitter profile and get you on the road to Twitter stardom! By including this basic information, you’ll up your Twitter game immensely from the start and increase your chances of others following you.

  1. Username
  2. Your username, referred to @username or www.twitter.com/username is your identification. Pick one that is simple and easy for others to remember. If you’re a person, try using your name. If you’re a business,use your business name or something simple.

  3. Name
  4. Your full name or business name will suffice. This is done within your Twitter profile settings. This is an important area because while your username may not be your compete business or personal name. Ex: Username: @ckroks, my full name can come up when someone searches for me i.e. Christian Karasiewicz or a close variation, Chris Karasiewicz. Including this is important because it helps people find you not only through a Google search, but also through a Twitter search as well.

  5. Website address
  6. One key thing about Twitter – it is a conduit, a place for directing other users to your content. If you have a website and don’t list it, it is like saying I have a business, but I don’t tell people about it. If you don’t want traffic to your site, don’t tell people. If you want traffic and don’t list your site, don’t complain about not having any customers. You need to direct people to the place you want them to go to. It could be a website, your Facebook profile so they connect with you further, a LinkedIn account, etc…

  7. Profile photo
  8. Probably common sense, but keeping the standard Twitter profile picture probably won’t get you too many friends. Make your profile more inviting by adding your photo – think professional looking, not Cancun beach. If you’re a business or setting up a Twitter profile for your business, create a logo. Image sizes are as follows. On twitter.com/username, your image is 73px x 73px. In the timeline, it is 48px x 48 px. Create one!

  9. Twitter background
  10. The same concept holds true with your Twitter background. Change out the default one — it is under https://twitter.com/settings/account. If you want some free Twitter backgrounds, this is a site I recommend using: http://www.twitrbackgrounds.com/. It’s free, I’m not getting paid for promoting it – they just do a good job. If you want to really kick your Twitter background up, be sure to check-out my next note on doing this. For now, a free solution will suffice.

So there you have it. 5 areas to a successful Twitter profile. While this won’t guarantee you’ll get followers, it will help make your Twitter profile more appealing and inviting for others to want to follow you.