Clean-up your Facebook profile

5 Ways to clean-up your Facebook profile

Clean-up your Facebook profile

Got a Facebook profile Рsure, we all do! Did you know that you can only have 5,000 friends? Once you reach this limit and start accumulating friend requests and other connections, you may not be able to interact with other Facebook features like groups, events, applications and pages. Be sure to prune your friends list occasionally. Here are 5 ways to clean-up your Facebook profile.

  1. Ignore event invites
  2. De-friend people that don’t include a profile picture. I’m not talking about a picture that isn’t them, just the standard generic Facebook avatar — this shows they aren’t serious about being on Facebook
  3. De-friend profiles that are businesses operating as a profile — having a profile setup as a business is a violation of Facebook’s terms of use. This type of account will eventually be removed by Facebook
  4. Delete applications you aren’t using. This helps clean-up your personal newsfeed of clutter.
  5. Block applications your friends send via your Newsfeed. Just because Aunt Margaret is your friend, doesn’t mean she can spam you. Block unwanted Farmville requests. Doing this will allow you to continue to remain friends (for now), but will hide certain app requests.

Need to know how to see your complete friends list? You can edit friends here:

Account (top right) >> Edit Friends