Understanding the new Facebook newsfeed

If Facebook does one thing extremely well, it’s changing their game up midstream – leaving users scratching their heads because they had just gotten around to understanding the last version of Facebook.

With Facebook’s recent updates to Facebook pages, they also made a few changes to Facebook profiles – most notably, who shows up in your newsfeed. In previous versions of Facebook, users could go to their newsfeed and see previous status updates from the last time the logged in or click the ‘most recent’ link to see their newest updates from their friends or pages that they have liked.

Well, things have changed again…rather than clicking the ‘most recent’ link to see all of your friends, you’re also presented with the ability to set your newsfeed to show the following:

  • Friends and pages you interact with most
  • All friends and pages

To change what you see in your newsfeed, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Click on the Facebook logo (on the left)
  3. Click the dropdown next to ‘Most recent’
  4. Select ‘edit options…’
  5. Select ‘friends and pages you interact with most’ or ‘all friends and pages’

In addition, you can also filter to see only pages, photos, links, lists of friends, etc…in your newsfeed, which is also a great addition!

So take the time to review your newsfeed and ensure your’s is setup how you want to see it. No longer are you left scratching your head why you’re seeing the same updates from the same friends or pages all of the time.