Building engagement with Facebook photos

5 ways to build engagement through photo-sharing

Building Facebook engagement with photosA great way to create compelling content that will build engagement for your brand – whether personal branding or branding for your business, is to utilize photos. If you don’t believe me, just look at Instagram, which was purchased for $1 billion. It is essentially a social network for photo-sharing. Since Facebook now owns Instagram (and who knows what they will do with it), I put together 5 ways that you can build engagement now on Facebook through the simple technique of photo-sharing.

With the help of these 5 ways to build engagement through photo-sharing, not only will you build better brand recognition, but you’ll also have fun doing it!

Mystery photos

 Mystery photoMystery photos:

To build engagement with mystery photos, post a photo - it could be a close-up of a product, a partial shot of the product or a completely blurry image. This helps to create intrigue - and prompts fans (and friends) to ask questions.

How to engage: 

In the comments, ask fans to guess what the image is. If you want to get really creative, you can run contests, such as giving away a product if a fan guesses correctly.

Product photos

 Product photosProduct photos:

The key here is to show fans your products, preferably in a place where they might use it. Ex: workout gear at a gym. This builds interest.

How to engage: 

In the caption for the photo, include a description, features and benefits, or anything you think fans should know. Be sure not to be too wordy either.  At the end, include a hyperlink directly to your product and not to your homepage. Make it easy for fans to get the product if they like it.

Event photos

 Photos at an event | WeddingEvent photos:

If you want to get fans excited about an event, share photos from the event. Don't forget to take shots of people at the event too!

How to engage: 

Create individual photo albums on Facebook. This way your photos are organized. No one wants to sort through a messy stack of photos. Be sure to include a description as well - along with any contact information should fans want to attend a future event.

Caption contest

 Increase Facebook engagement with photo captionsCaption contest:

Get fans to write captions. Not only will this help you find out who your true fans are, but you'll get good ideas on what to say about your photos!

How to engage: 

On Facebook, post a photo without a caption. In the description, post a message to fans, asking them to help you write a caption for the photo. The winner could have  their caption added to the photo - and you can also tag them in the caption - this way they get rewarded too!

Facebook Timeline cover photo

 Engage with fans through your Facebook Page Timeline cover photoFacebook Timeline cover photos:

Facebook Timeline cover photos are a great way to sell your brand and get fans talking.

How to engage: 

Change out your Facebook Timeline cover photo often to keep your page looking fresh (weekly or monthly). One thing to remember, post quality photos. It could be a product, your storefront, even meeting with customers. Upsell your business so fans will want to engage with you and ask questions!


What other techniques do you find works best with your brand and has helped you build engagement with fans? Leave a comment along with any creative ideas you have tried on your Facebook page or profile in the comments below.