30 Twitter Header Images

A few weeks ago, Twitter unveiled header images. One thing you’ll notice is that Twitter header images are very similar to Facebook’s Timeline – with the exception that you can actually use Twitter header images to advertise different facets of your business.

This is BIG news for businesses who are using Twitter because this now gives businesses another area to show off their brand to followers through their Twitter header image. Twitter header images also present brands with the opportunity to showcase a particular product, an upcoming promotion, a hashtag associated with a brand along with many other creative ways to use Twitter header images.

I have spent time scouring Twitter for examples of Twitter header images and came up with 30 examples of Twitter header images done right:

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How to use Hyperalerts to never miss Facebook Page updates again – Video

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You’ve set up your Facebook Page and you’ve started to build your fan base and you’ve noticed that you’re not getting a lot of comments on your Facebook Timeline or you find yourself overlooking them for one reason or another. With 95% of Facebook Pages never responding to comments from fans, this means a lot of missed opportunities to connect with current fans and lost opportunities to strengthen your brand in the process. So why do we overlook comments?

Why we overlook comments:

  • No notification that you received a comment
  • They were posted towards the bottom of your Timeline
  • Forgot to respond
  • Did not feel the need to respond

If you have overlooked a comment on your Facebook Page, then you should check out the free social media tool called HyperAlerts.
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5 ways to build engagement through photo-sharing

Building Facebook engagement with photosA great way to create compelling content that will build engagement for your brand – whether personal branding or branding for your business, is to utilize photos. If you don’t believe me, just look at Instagram, which was purchased for $1 billion. It is essentially a social network for photo-sharing. Since Facebook now owns Instagram (and who knows what they will do with it), I put together 5 ways that you can build engagement now on Facebook through the simple technique of photo-sharing.

With the help of these 5 ways to build engagement through photo-sharing, not only will you build better brand recognition, but you’ll also have fun doing it!

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