30 Twitter Header Images

A few weeks ago, Twitter unveiled header images. One thing you’ll notice is that Twitter header images are very similar to Facebook’s Timeline – with the exception that you can actually use Twitter header images to advertise different facets of your business.

This is BIG news for businesses who are using Twitter because this now gives businesses another area to show off their brand to followers through their Twitter header image. Twitter header images also present brands with the opportunity to showcase a particular product, an upcoming promotion, a hashtag associated with a brand along with many other creative ways to use Twitter header images.

I have spent time scouring Twitter for examples of Twitter header images and came up with 30 examples of Twitter header images done right:

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Building better engagement through wax paper

Lately, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to consumer brands to see how they are adapting their current marketing efforts to improve consumer engagement. ¬†One great example I wanted to share with you is Boar’s Head deli meats. What I liked most about this was that they not only took an existing product (the sub sandwich), but they made it social.

No, they didn’t brand the bread or meat with their social media accounts. Instead, they used their packaging to help build this audience. Here’s a brief video to show you what I mean.

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