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App of the day: Photon Flash Player

For those of you who have followed the Apple iPhone and iPad since they first launched, although the products have gotten better (and insanely more popular), one thing that has remained is their lack of Adobe Flash support. What this means is that you can’t visit websites that are build entirely in flash (see here), play many of your favorite Facebook games, such as Farmville, or watch Hulu. Fortunately, there are a few alternatives, such as iSwifter (read my review); however that app only works for the iPad and it only works if you’re using a wireless network. For those of you who want the best app, I recommend Photon Flash Player (download). Not only does it give you all of the functionality for your iOS device, but it’s also very inexpensive, considering it’s the best flash player app on the market.

Photon Flash Player

What I like about the Photon Flash Player app:

Most of the flash player apps that I have tried are often slow and clunky. Photon Flash Player is the exception – AND it works over wireless connections, 3G, and the new 4G LTE networks (score!).

How does Photon Flash Player work?

Instead of using Safari on your iPad or your iPhone, simply launch Photon Flash Player and visit your favorite flash websites. Now, instead of receiving messages to install flash (which you can’t do on an iOS device), you’ll be able to use websites that have flash content, play flash games on Facebook, or watch online videos.

Download Photon Flash Player:

One last thing I wanted to mention is that Photon flash player comes in two separate versions – one for the iPhone¬†(download) and another for the iPad (download). While I’m not thrilled about the need to purchase two apps, they only cost about $10 and you should be able to use the app on any new devices you upgrade to, so think of it like spending $10 over the course of 730 days (2 years) and you’re only spending about $0.01 per day – definitely not a deal-breaker, considering all the time you’ll save because you couldn’t view flash content when you were away from a computer.

To help you out, I’ve included direct links to both the iPad and the iPhone version of Photon Flash Player below.

Download Photon Flash Player app for iPad

Download Photon Flash Player app for iPhone

On average, how many websites do you find won’t work on your iPad or iPhone? Leave a comment below.