Change your Facebook vanity URL username

Changing your Facebook vanity URL username [video]

Back in 2009, there was a major land grab for Facebook vanity URL’s. What this meant was that a lot of people ended up with really bad URL’s – that they couldn’t change.  Fast-forward three years later and Facebook seems to have been listening because now you can change your Facebook vanity URL username. While this is great for those of you who got stuck with a bad vanity URL — think anything with underscores or dashes — this means you can now fix that and continue building your brand via social media.

Before you get all excited though, there are three caveats to changing your Facebook vanity URL

  1. You must have 200 Facebook fans before you are allowed to make this change
  2. Changing your URL means you will also lose any search engine positioning you previously had
  3. Your old URL also won’t redirect, so if you have it on business cards, a website, flyers or in email signatures, you’ll need to change it STAT!
For those of you who are ready to change your Facebook vanity URL, watch this very brief video on how to change your Facebook vanity URL username:

YouTube Preview Image

Now that you have changed your Facebook Page vanity URL, I would love to hear what your old URL was and what you changed it to.