Top Instagram hashtags

Choosing the top Instagram hashtags

On Instagram, do you know what the top Instagram hashtags are?

Do you know how to find out which Instagram hashtags are most popular?

Today you are going to learn how to identify the top Instagram hashtags and how when used, can help increase your visibility for your brand.

Should you include Instagram hashtags?

One of the biggest debates is if you should use hashtags or not.

It depends on the social network you are on.

Facebook hashtags haven’t quite caught on.

On Twitter, using hashtags helps increase engagement 2X; however, if you include more than two, your engagement drops.

With Instagram, when you use 11 or more hashtags, you tend to have higher interactions.

So for now, on Instagram use as many hashtags as you like.

It helps increase interactions and allow your posts to be discovered in search.

But what are the top Instagram hashtags and how do you figure out which ones to use?

Let’s take a look at the current Top 50 Instagram hashtags and how you can identify if a hashtag is popular for Instagram of not.

Top Instagram hashtags

Top Instagram hashtags on Websta
See which hashtags are popular on Instagram

Identifying the right Instagram hashtags

So how did I come up with this list of top Instagram hashtags?

To identify Instagram hashtags, I used the tool, Websta (formerly Webstagram).

Search top Instagram hashtags
With Websta, you can see a list of the top Instagram hashtags

Here is what I like about Websta.

  • View popular Instagram tags
  • Identify the top Instagram users
  • View most popular Instagram posts
  • Create an Instagram gallery to display on your website

Once I identified the top Instagram hashtags, I didn’t stop there.

I knew that if the terms were broad – such as #nofilter, I could include this on Instagram photos and videos that didn’t include a filter.

If I had specific hashtags in mind but didn’t know how to use them, I looked at other hashtag tracking tools.

This way I could see how some of the top Instagram hashtags were being used and learn how to incorporate them into my Instagram strategy.

Note: You can also look at what hashtags the people you follow on Instagram use to get an idea on other Instagram hashtags to include.

Over to you

Knowing the top Instagram hashtags and how many to use when you share photos and videos on Instagram is important.

Now you have a better idea on the right hashtags to use and how to identify if they can help you generate more engagement and increase exposure for your brand on Instagram.

Question: What was your previous strategy for identifying the top Instagram hashtags? Let me know in the comments.