4 Way’s to Contact LinkedIn and Get Answers, Not Static

One of the biggest challenges to using any social network is finding help. In most cases, it’s easier to use their product, but when something goes wrong, there’s no one around and you’re left to find a solution on your own. We’ve compiled a list of the best way’s to contact LinkedIn for those times when you need help with an issue.

How to contact LinkedIn

How to contact LinkedIn

LinkedIn Help Center Forum

The LinkedIn Help Center Forum is a great way to search discussions about issues others are having on LinkedIn. You’ll most likely find someone discussing a similar issue like you are having, but one that offers solutions to your problem.

Remember, before you contact LinkedIn, search the help center forum first to see who else is having a similar issue with LinkedIn and what resolutions they can offer.

LinkedIn support (all issues)

If you don’t see your issue in the LinkedIn Help Center Forum, feel free to contact LinkedIn through LinkedIn support.

Here, you can open tickets and check the status of a ticket that you have submitted. This is the best area to get your questions answered by LinkedIn.


If all else fails and you need an immediate response from LinkedIn, you can always contact LinkedIn on Twitter @LinkedIn. They’re pretty quick with a response back and in most cases can help you resolve your issue right there or point you back to one of their many support articles.

Before you contact them, be sure you’ve checked to see if anyone else has had the same issue.

LinkedIn on Facebook

If all else fails, you can always contact LinkedIn through Facebook. To contact them through Facebook, go to the LinkedIn Facebook Page and send them a message.

Note: you don’t always get notified when someone sends you a Facebook message. You may have to go back and periodically check your Facebook profile.

What to do after you contact LinkedIn?

While everyone considers their issue to be the most important one for LinkedIn to fix, don’t bombard them with too many requests. Instead, decide how important your issues are and be sure to choose the right channel to use to contact LinkedIn.

For example, if you receive an error when saving information, you may want to send them a tweet @LinkedIn. There may be maintenance happening on the site that is causing the issue and they’re already aware of it. In most cases, they’ll give you a quick response back to let you know about this. 

Also, if you’ve submitted a ticket, it’s ok to follow-up after a week. Just don’t go and resubmit a ticket again unless they tell you to. More tickets means less time to help resolve your LinkedIn issue.

Question: What challenges are you currently having with LinkedIn that you need help with? Leave a comment below with your issues.