Recruiting with Facebook Graph Search

Recruiting with Facebook Graph Search

When Facebook Graph Search was announced, a lot of people cheered because Facebook search was overdo for a fix. While Facebook Graph Search was promoted as a tool to help you improve the quality of your searches within your friends and existing connections, Facebook Graph Search can be used for a lot more. One example is recruiting with Facebook Graph Search.

Why recruiting with Facebook Graph Search achieves better results

Anyone who is in the business of recruiting knows how difficult it can be to find a qualified candidate. Fortunately, all you need is an Internet connection and Facebook and you can now span the entire globe to help your business find the ideal candidate for a job.

Factor in the ability to search 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) users and you have quite a talent pool to pick from.

So how does recruiting with Facebook Graph Search work?

Let’s say you run a business for a sports team and you’re looking to hire an events coordinator. You’re not just looking for any events coordinator. Instead, you want someone who is also passionate about the team because this will help create good synergy at the job.

Instead of posting to message boards and reading through thousands of resumes (you know what you’re looking for), you can use Facebook Graph Search to help  you do the heavy lifting.

For example, you could identify friends in your network who attended the school for your sports team. Here’s a sample search query to enter into Facebook Graph Search.

My friends who live in Orlando, Florida and who attended University of Central Florida”

Once you have identified individuals, you can dig deeper and refine your search results or reach out to the people you have identified to help you find the right candidate.

If this still seems confusing, the fine people over at Zao put together this handy infographic on recruiting with Facebook Graph Search, which identifies a few additional way’s you can recruit with Facebook Graph Search.

Recruiting with Facebook Graph Search

Recruiting with Facebook Graph Search - Infographic


Question: What do you think about recruiting with Facebook Graph Search? Do you consider it an invasion of privacy or essential for finding the right candidates for a job? I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below with your feedback.