How to contact Reddit

How to Contact Reddit – Help When You Need It

While I love that there are lots of social networks to help stay current with news, one thing I find challenging is getting help when you need it. In most cases, you’ll find a lot of people posting similar questions on various web forums, but very few answers. We’ve compiled a list of the best way’s to contact Reddit if you’re having issues with using the social news and entertainment website. This way you can resolve your issues quickly.

How to contact Reddit

How to contact Reddit

Feedback page

The Reddit feedback page is going to be your main resource when you want to contact Reddit.  Not only can you get help for support issues, but if you want to advertise, submit a new feature, or make a press inquiry you would use this form.

Help subreddit

Don’t want to wait? You can always use the Help subreddit forum. Here, you can search through the forum and get help from other Reddit users.


One of the great things about Twitter is that you can use it as a great tool for social media help. @reddit has a pretty active Twitter account so if you don’t see your issue listed in their help forums, consider sending them a tweet.

In most cases, you’ll get fast response and acknowledgement from them.

Reddit on Facebook

If you’ve tried the other suggestions on how to contact Reddit, the last way is to post a message on the Reddit Facebook Page.

Alternatively, you can also post your question on the Reddit Facebook Page. Depending on the size of the community, sometimes you’ll get a response from another fan first before the Facebook Page.

What to submit when you contact Reddit?

When you’re ready to contact Reddit about your issue, be sure you have the following information ready. This can help expedite your issue and lead to a faster response from Reddit.

  • Identify your issue
  • Choose the best way to contact Reddit from the above list – we don’t recommend submitting inquiries to all pages.
  • Provide detailed instructions on how to reproduce your issue on Reddit
  • Take a screenshot

What to do after you contact Reddit?

While everyone considers their issue to be the most important one for Reddit to fix now, spend a few minutes deciding on the right channel to contact Reddit through.

Chances are if you’re having an issue, other Reddit users have experienced the same issue.

Question: What are some of the issues you have contacted Reddit about? Leave a comment below with your issues.