Wildfire Alternatives

10 Wildfire Alternatives for Facebook Page Apps

Wildfire Alternatives

Earlier this week, Wildfire, a social media marketing software for creating Facebook Page Apps and promotions made a huge announcement about the types of businesses they plan to support. They’re switching from small businesses to enterprise only ones.  While this makes sense because of the direction they’re taking, it also rubs a lot of people the wrong way. If you’re someone who was considering using Wildfire, we’ve compiled 10 Wildfire alternatives for creating Facebook Page promotions.

While this is great news for Wildfire because it will let them focus more on working with high-end businesses, it leaves a lot of businesses who don’t have $2,500 to spend per month on running Facebook Page app promotions left out.

Fortunately, there are a lot of Wildfire alternatives that won’t cost you too much to use for your business. Let’s review a few of the Wildfire alternatives you should consider.

10 Wildfire alternatives for Facebook Page Applications


AgoraPulse is a good all-in-one package. Prices start at $29 per month for one page and up to 6,000 total fans. If you have 5 Facebook Pages and a total of 100,000 fans, this will run $99 per month.

While AgoraPulse seems pricey; remember, you also get an added bonus that most other tools don’t offer such as stats like page performance analytics as well as advanced statistics such as posts per day, fan posts per day, interactions, etc, competitor benchmarking (this is a good one to know about), along with rankings.

This makes it worth the cost, considering you can create a few Facebook Page apps and really dig in and measure how well your page performs.


Blazon is a new alternative for creating Facebook Page apps. Prices start at $5 per promotion for limited apps. They quickly jump to $199 per promotion. Remember, this is per promotion so if you manage multiple Facebook Pages, you need to consider how valuable it is for your business to create a Facebook Page promotion.

One other thing to mention about this Facebook Page app tool is that their basic promotion tools don’t offer all of the Facebook Page features you’ll most likely want, such as like-gating. This is reserved for the $199 package.

Due to the high pricing structure, this isn’t one of the best Wildfire alternatives if you are a small business looking to create Facebook Page apps for promotions.


Offerpop is a pretty good Facebook Page apps promotion tool. They offer similar contests and widgets compared to other page promotion tools. Their interface is also top-notch and there isn’t a steep learning curve.

They’re a little pricey though because they charge per fan, per page. For example, one page with 101 – 500 fans costs $14 per month for a year, compared to one app for two weeks at $10. When you look at pages that have 1,001 – 2,500 fans, it will run you $45 per month.


Pagemodo offers a lot of great features for creating Facebook Page app promotions. It’s free for one Facebook Page one tab.  For just $6.25 per month, you get three tabs for one Facebook Page.

If you have more than one Facebook Page, you may want to consider their pro option, which offers 3 Facebook Pages and unlimited tabs for $13.25 per month. For $33.25 per month, you can have unlimited pages and unlimited tabs.

Overall, this is a very attractive Facebook Page app promotion tool with lots of widgets and features.

One thing to keep in mind, Pagemodo is a little different in their pricing model. Their free model limits how many posts you can do. You also don’t get Google Analytics tracking unless you use their pro model.


Another one of my favorite Wildfire alternatives is ShortStack. This is a Facebook Page tool that I have been using for a few years. At first, I thought it wasn’t worth the money and that I would build Facebook landing page apps myself. After making the switch, I’ve found their pricing and features extremely worth it.

If you’re a designer, you may think the tools are just drag-and-drop. While they are, you can use their 75+ templates or create your own from scratch.


Hopefully you won’t have sticker-shock with SnapApp. It’s expensive – $249 per month. That’s their basic plan, which includes design, social interaction and analytics integration.

This is an ideal tool for larger businesses, but there are other Wildfire alternatives you may want to look at first before deciding on SnapApp.


Strutta should help you come back down from the pricing stratosphere. For $99 per month, you get unlimited pages and unlimited fans. Unfortunately, you’re restricted to their app templates. While they offer a lot of app templates, most businesses will want to upgrade to their $199 per month plan. Not only does it offer better promotions such as photo and video contests and sweepstakes, but you also get standard design templates.

What I like most about  Strutta is how easy it was to use. They also have very good customer service.


For TabFusion, you have a number of options. You can purchase apps on an individual basis or you can purchase an entire yearly subscription. Apps run $40 per year. A yearly subscription runs just $200 per month for current and future standard apps.


Tabsite offers a lot of great features. It is also used by a number of larger businesses.  It’s free for unlimited fans and 2 page tabs. These tabs have ads though.

For $1o per month, you get four tabs, a few more features, and no ads! Alternatively, you can move up to their $19 per month option, which features 11 tabs, no ads and 21 widgets. If you need more, you can always move up to their $3o per month plan which features engagement apps, 2 stage contests and more.

One thing to note about Tabsite, which I think will be a deal-breaker for most people is that these prices are only for one Facebook Page.

It is also important to note that for some reason, they hide this from users. You have to click through to the compare page to find this out which is deceiving.

This means that if you manage multiple Facebook Pages, it will cost a good bit to run Facebook Page apps through Tabsite.


Woobox is priced very competitively.  They offer a number of free apps, such as HTML Fangate, Twitter tab, Instagram Tab, and more. You also are not limited by the number of fans or pages you can have.  If you want to jump up to other more robust Facebook Page apps, such as sweepstakes, deals, video contests, or photo contests, prices start at $1/month for 1 promotion with Facebook Pages less than 100 Fans.

If you have more than 100 fans, you’ll need to move up to the next pricing level of $15/month for 1 promotion and up to 1,000 Fans.  Once you go over 1,000 fans, you’ll have to pay for the higher pricing plans, but you get unlimited promotions.  They start at $29/month for up to 20,000 Fans, $49/month for up to 50,000 Fans, $99/month for up to 100,000 Fans, and $249/month for more than 100,000 Fans.

Overall, while it’s inexpensive to get started, the costs can really add up.

Personally, I’ve used Woobox for creating Facebook landing page apps.

Hopefully these Wildfire alternatives will help you move past their recent announcement and on to companies that want your business. So out of these 10 Wildfire alternatives, which do I recommend? Let’s find out.

Which of the Wildfire alternatives do I recommend?

I’ve used nearly all of the Facebook Page landing page tools mentioned above. To me, the best value has to be ShortStack. Not only do I like the pricing structure, but they have great customer service too.

Most of the Wildfire alternatives do the same thing – they offer you a way to run Facebook Page app promotions. Honestly, it’s hard to justify paying per app or per page just to run a few promotions.

So what do I love so much about ShortStack besides their pricing and customer service? Let me count the ways.

Wildfire alternatives - ShortStack

  • Pricing (all offer unlimited pages):
    • Free: Up to 2,000 fans (some limitations on widgets)
    • $30/month: Up to 25,000 fans (all widgets and most features)
    • $75/month: Up to 100,000 fans (white label, all features)
    • $150/month: Up to 250,000 fans (white label, all features)
    • $300/month: No limit on fans (white label, all features)
  • Facebook Landing Pages work on mobile devices (HUGE win)
  • 30 drag-and-drop widgets (email newsletter, Google Analytics tracking, Twitter, YouTube integration, and more)
  • 75+ templates
  • Fully customizable using HTML, CSS and iFrames
  • Excellent customer service

Sure, the other Wildfire alternatives are great. I just feel ShortStack offers a more robust product for the money. I also like the features they offer too.

In addition, they are always tweaking their product to improve the options you have for your Facebook Page app promotions.


While the other Wildfire alternatives meet the needs for some businesses, it is important to weigh the overall cost and features that you get.

Question: Are there any other Wildfire alternatives that I didn’t mention that you are currently using? Let me know in the comments.