5 Facebook check-in deals requirements

5 Things You Must Do After Creating a Facebook Check-in Deal

5 Facebook check-in deals requirements

Now that you’ve learned how to create Facebook check-in deals, what’s next? If you’re serious about rewarding your customers and getting free marketing and advertising for your Facebook Page in the process, you have to do a little promotion to get the word out about your Facebook check-in deals.

Why promote your Facebook check-in deal?

Just because you’ve created a Facebook check-in deal and posted it on your businesses Facebook Page, doesn’t guarantee that people will flock to it. In fact, if businesses are not seeing your updates from your Facebook Page in their new feed, they definitely are not going to claim your offer because they won’t know about it.

Therefore, it is important that after creating a Facebook check-in deal, you do these five things to spread the word.

5 Things to do After Creating a Facebook Check-in Deal

1. Share your Facebook Page post on your profile
As I mentioned, just because you created a Facebook check-in deal, this doesn’t mean everyone will see it.  Leverage your Facebook Profile by sharing your Facebook check-in deal with your friends. Chances are, you have a much larger personal network.  By sharing your check-in deals with your friends, they’re very likely to like, comment and share it with others in their own network, increasing the exposure of your Facebook Page and check-in deal in the process.
2. Create Facebook signs
Take your Facebook check-in deal offline with Facebook signs. Facebook signs not only help to advertise your Facebook Page, but if you’re running a check-in deal, be sure to mention to customers who visit your retail store that you run check-in deals through your Facebook Page. If they need help, go the extra mile too and show them how to get a Facebook check-in deal.
While it may mean one extra offer you’re giving away, you’ve really helped out a customer and they’re more likely to tell their friends about your store and your Facebook Page and check-in deals.
3. Run Facebook Ads
The great thing about Facebook check-in deals is that if you want to get them to show in the news feed, you don’t have to pay to advertise.  If you want to increase your exposure and your reach to people outside of your current fans though, consider running Facebook Ads.  Like Facebook signs, Facebook Ads perform double duty to help expose your Facebook check-in deal and your Facebook Page to new people who might not know about your business.
4. External sharing
Once you’ve published your check-in deal, be sure to add a link to your deal in your email signature.  If you send out an email newsletter, this is also a great opportunity to include this as well.  For those of you who use Twitter too, don’t forget to post a few tweets announcing your deal and linking to it. 
One other area I like to post my check-in deals is when I’m responding to a Facebook message. Not only does this make them feel good, knowing that I responded, but by telling them about the deal, it makes them more likely to want to share it with their network.
5. Contact Foibly
Foibly is a one-stop shop for the latest Facebook deals.If you’re running a Facebook check-in deal, be sure you contact them prior to running your deal to see about having your check-in deal featured.  A neat fact about Foibly, they were recently highlighted in Shopsmart, a Consumer Reports magazine (read about it).

Note: One other thing you absolutely must do (it’s a no-brainer) after creating a Facebook check-in deal is to monitor it and takes notes.  If your Facebook check-in deal isn’t anything remarkable – for example, it’s a deal you offer all of the time, don’t expect customers to claim it. You want to make sure you’re adding value for fans. If they can get your check-in deal any day of the week, then that isn’t much of a deal.    If your deal falls flat, be sure to do your research – and survey your Facebook Page fans. Find out what they would be interested in, not what you want to offer them.

Let’s talk Facebook check-in deals. What kinds of Facebook check-in deals do you normally claim and why? Click here to leave a comment.