Facebook groups privacy settings

Facebook Groups – The Definitive guide to privacy settings

When it comes to creating Facebook Groups, it is important to know about the different privacy settings that are available.

This way, when you’re setting up your Facebook group, you’ll know exactly what type of privacy settings to use.

Knowing the right privacy settings on Facebook Groups is important because this is how you’ll control who can see your group, who can join your Facebook Groups, and which members can see updates from your Facebook Groups.

The key thing to remember is that there are three types of privacy settings for Facebook Groups; open, closed, and secret. Here’s a breakdown on the privacy settings that you can use for Facebook Groups.

3 Types of Facebook Groups


The open privacy setting for Facebook Groups let’s anyone join the group or add members.

It is important to note that if one of your Facebook Groups is set to “open,” anyone can see the group, see what members post, and find the group in search.

Creating Facebook Groups using the open privacy settings would be ideal if your group talks about open information.

For example, someone might create a Facebook Group dedicated to talking about social media marketing. This way anyone who is interested in this topic can join the group and meet new members and collaborate with them. Because the group would be set to open, anyone would be able to see the group, along with the information that is shared and can request to join the group.


The closed privacy setting for Facebook Groups is great if you want to control who can join the group.

For this type of group, Facebook users have to ask to join and then be approved.

Creating a Facebook Group with closed privacy settings is ideal for businesses who want to maintain a discussion with group members, but don’t want everyone to be able to see the conversations unless they are a member of the group.

A great example of using closed Facebook Groups is for answering customer service questions.

With closed Facebook Groups, you can control who has access to a group. This way you are making it a little tougher for anyone to join the group and start posting inappropriate information.


The secret privacy settings for Facebook Groups is a way to create a group, but restrict who can see it and join it.

For these types of Facebook Groups, you’ll have to be a member to do anything – even to find the group.

With this type of group, members have to be added. Also, this type of Facebook Group does not show up in search results, meaning it’s very restricted and very private.

Secret Facebook Groups are a great way for businesses to setup focus groups.

For example, a business could create a Facebook Group an invite only their best customers to provide feedback about upcoming website changes, help test new products, provide feedback ,etc.

Facebook Group Privacy Settings – explained

If you’re still confused about Facebook Groups and the different privacy settings, here’s a handy chart that you can print, pin on Pinterest, or share on Facebook to help explain Facebook Groups and the types of privacy settings.

Facebook groups privacy settings

Wrap-up on Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a great way to add value for your business. As we mentioned, you can use Facebook Groups to create different channels to collect feedback from fans and customers.

Are you currently using Facebook Groups within your business? If so, I would please leave a comment below on some of the examples of how you are using Facebook Groups.