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Facebook landing page ideas for Facebook Pages with Tabsite co-founder, Mike Gingerich

Tabsite co-founder, Mike Gingerich

This interview with Mike Gingerich, co-founder of Tabsite, is the eleventh in an ongoing series of podcasts with individuals and businesses doing amazing things in social media marketing and blogging.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Tabsite, it is a company that provides digital tools for creating Facebook landing pages, Instagram contests, social apps, giveaways, and more.

While there are thousands of examples of Facebook landing pages out there, it can be difficult to know which ones you should choose for your own Facebook landing pages.

On this episode, Mike and I discuss Facebook landing page ideas along with suggestions on the types of Facebook landing page tabs you want to include on your Facebook Page.

Facebook landing page ideas - Testimonials
Facebook landing page ideas – Testimonials and reviews.

In this episode, here is what we cover:

  • What is Tabsite?
  • Thoughts on the 2014 Facebook Page redesign
  • How Facebook’s redesign impacts landing page companies
  • What makes a highly converting Facebook landing page tab?
  • One thing most businesses overlook with Facebook landing pages
  • Three Facebook landing page ideas every business should include
  • One thing Mike Gingerich would change about the Facebook landing page process
  • A fun fact about Mike Gingerich!

Listen to: Facebook landing page ideas with Tabsite co-founder, Mike Gingerich

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In putting together this podcast, I pulled out a few of my favorite quotes from Mike on Facebook landing page ideas. Feel free to tweet them out!

To have success on Facebook, you need to move quickly and nimbly. @mike_gingerich Don’t overlook mechanisms where your audience is strong.  Facebook landing page ideas with @mike_gingerich from @Tabsite. 

I truly hope you enjoy listening to this week’s podcast with Mike Gingerich from Tabsite on Facebook landing page ideas.

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