Twitter best practices 2014

23 Twitter best practices for 2014 on how to use Twitter better

Do you wish your tweets received more engagement?

How would you like to leverage Twitter to grow your brand?

Today you are going to learn about Twitter best practices.

These best practices can help you generate more engagement in your tweets and build a stronger presence on Twitter.

Common mistakes made on Twitter

While there are plenty of Twitter stats telling you how to reach your followers, many of them only talk about fictional numbers.

I give a lot of trainings on using Twitter.

A lot of times I see a lot of common mistakes being made such as these.

  • Not tweeting enough
  • Low engagement with other Twitter users
  • Tweets are too long
  • Overuse of hashtags
  • Not sure which Twitter accounts to follow

While these don’t seem like major issues. If you continue to do this, don’t expect your Twitter presence to take off.

A lot of these activities are bad practices and stunt your growth on Twitter.

While they are helping you learn how to use Twitter and to be more active, they aren’t helping you get to the next level.

If you want to become an influencer on Twitter and to develop a strong presence, you need to be putting out less noise.

Fortunately a lot of these mistakes can be easily fixed with a few small changes.

Here are a few of my favorites from this Twitter best practices 2014 infographic.

Examples of Twitter best practices

Let’s look at the rest of the list of Twitter best practices.

Twitter best practices 2014 in an infographic

Twitter best practices 2014
Infographic featuring 23 Twitter best practices. Source: Passion Digital

Your turn

What did you think about the tips provided in this Twitter best practices 2014 infographic?

Did you learn anything new about your own Twitter habits?

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