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10 Tips for performing a Facebook operation [Infographic]

Everyone remembers the game, Operation, right? In a recent study, 82% of social media users think Facebook is a good place to interact with brands (tweet this stat). If your Facebook presence isn’t where you want it to be, it might be time to consider performing a Facebook operation.

What exactly is a Facebook operation?

While operations are usually permanent, a Facebook operation is where you tweak certain areas of your Facebook Page and can always go back and change them as the times change.

For example, you may have a great cover photo on your Facebook Page; however, maybe the only areas you need to operate on are to make your landing pages mobile friendly.

By performing an operation on your Facebook Page, you can greatly improve your Facebook presence and make your page more appealing to fans.

Remember, the more appealing and inviting your Facebook presence is, the more your fans will want to share the great content, photos, and more that you post.

Is a Facebook operation necessary?

52% of social media users find a business’s Facebook Page more valuable than their website (tweet this stat). I expect that number to continue to grow as more businesses are using their Facebook Page for leads.

If you’re ready to go under the knife and perform a Facebook operation on your Facebook Page, the team at ShortStack┬áput together this great infographic with tips on different areas you should consider operating on.

10 tips on performing a Facebook operation

Facebook operation

Hopefully you have a better understanding of the different areas you need to consider operating on on your Facebook Page. While it may seem like a lot of areas to have to fix, you don’t have to perform every operation at once.

Instead, you can fix a few things now and a few things later on.

Your turn

Name one area where you plan to operate first and what you plan to change about it. You can leave a comment by clicking here.