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15 Creative Uses for Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts are an amazing piece of technology. Not only are hangouts a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but Google Hangouts can also be used for a lot more.

To get your creative juices flowing, we have compiled 15 creative ways you can use Google Hangouts 0utside of just connecting to make them more useful.

15 creative uses for Google Hangouts

Stay in touch with friends and family

Google Hangouts can be used to help you stay connected with friends and family. One thing I like about using Google Hangouts is how seamless it works across a desktop or on mobile device.

Staying connected with friends and family is going to be the most common way people use Google Hangouts. Here are a few ways you can use  hangouts that are more creative.

Video conferences and meetings

Want to hold a video conference? You no longer need expensive equipment to do it. Now, you can hold Google Hangouts with 10 of your closest business associates.

To use hangouts for video conferences and meetings, all you need is your device, a webcam, and an Internet connection.

Sales calls

If your business is just getting started or you simply want to reduce travel costs, use Google Hangouts to hold a sales call.

Not only can your business save money on travel, but you can meet face-to-face with anyone around the world. One other thing I like about using hangouts for this is that you can gauge your customers interest. If you want to close a sale, then you can fly out to meet them.

Servicing clients

Google Hangouts can be used for more than just connecting with friends and family. Don’t forget to include your own customers in hangouts. One great way to use them with clients is to hold weekly/monthly/quarterly calls with them.

This way you can let them know how things are coming along on any projects. Also, because you can record a Google hangout, you can archive your conversations and focus on listening to any concerns they have.

Improved customer service

Customer service isn’t just relegated to phone calls. Google Hangouts can help you improve many aspects of your businesses customer service.

For example, instead of sending out literature, hold a hangout with multiple customers. This way you can show them how to use a product and answer questions at the same time!

This helps improve the efficiency of your customer service and can be a valuable tool to keep customers happy.

Conduct customer trainings

How many of you have had to answer the same questions over and over from employees? Google Hangouts can be used to not only answer customer questions, but also questions from employees.

One way to use them within your organization is to hold scheduled trainings with employees in a hangout. This way you can answer their main questions and any follow-up questions they may have.

Conduct board meetings and calls with analysts

Face-to-face. It can be done in-person or over the Internet. With Google Hangouts, you can once again reduce business expenses by inviting analysts to join a hangout for a meeting. The same hold true for board meetings as well.

Remember, you can also apply this to your own personal needs. For example, if you run a homeowners meeting, you can hold a hangout – while you’re holding your normal meeting. This way everyone can be involved and engaged, even if they cannot be there.

Hold press conferences

One of my favorite ways to use Google Hangouts is to hold press conferences. Because hangouts are very social – and people don’t have to be stationary to join your hangout, holding press conferences over hangouts is an easy solution.

One other thing that’s great about using Google Hangouts for press conferences is that you don’t have to have people sign-up for email lists, confirm their subscription, etc. You just have to build the buzz and provide a link to your press conference.

Then, anyone can join – at their leisure.

Conduct job interviews

One of the biggest takeaways to using Google Hangouts is to save money on travel. If you’re looking to hire your next employee, consider using hangouts for your next interview process.

One way you can use Google Hangouts to conduct job interviews is to invite your applicant to meet with each employee over a hangout. You can then hold a group hangout to where the panel can interact with the applicant.

Additionally, hangouts let you interact with an applicant without the expense. You can also get an idea of how engaged they are during the interview.

Work as a group

If you’re in the same office or work remotely, this doesn’t mean you cannot hold a meeting. Instead of working independently, use Google Hangouts to collaborate with one another.

For example, your designers can hold a meeting without having to move to another room. The same thing works when you’re looking to bring together your most creative minds (who don’t work in the same office).

Remember this the next time you’re working on a project – and find a way to get things done.

Teamwork makes the dream work (tweet this).

Live performances

This is an emerging trend among musicians – holding live performances over a Google Hangout.

How can you use Google Hangouts for live performances? Many bands are using hangouts to hold intimate sessions with a select group of people. One other way I see hangouts being useful for musicians is to run a contest where the winner would get a Google Hangout with their favorite band.

Intimate, unforgettable, and an amazing personal experience.

Hold a neighborhood meeting

How many of you attend quarterly homeowners meetings? If your neighborhood has been seeing low attendance, try holding a Google Hangout. This way you take any scheduling issues off the table and people can attend right from their smartphone or tablet!

Note: make sure your bylaws allow for video attendees to count for quorum. Now, how to collect those proxy forms?

Teach classes

This is one of my favorite ways to use Google Hangouts. It really doesn’t matter which field you are in. You can use hangouts to teach classes on cooking, applying makeup, playing playing a sport, arts and crafts, yoga, etc.

The possibilities are endless on how you can use Google Hangouts to teach classes.

Watch YouTube videos as a group

While you’re holding a Google Hangout for your next board meeting, consider using hangouts as a way to bring everyone together to watch your next company video.

Remember, this feature isn’t just for business users. You can also watch movies with your friends using Google Hangouts as well.

Set up a video surveillance system

This is my absolute favorite way to use Google Hangouts. While it may take time to set up, it wins bonus points for coolness and creativity.

To set up a video surveillance system using Google Hangouts, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Each location will need its own webcam and computer
  • Each computer must be on all of the time
  • Each account needs a separate Google+ account

Once you have everything set up, start a hangout on your computer and invite your other Google+ accounts to that hangout. Now you can livestream your house and it will be accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Google Hangouts wrap-up

Overall, I love the possibilites that Google Hangouts provides. There are so many uses that can help you collaborate better together and cut costs at the same time.

The key thing is to keep an open mind about how you can use Google Hangouts outside of just chatting with friends. There are a lot of practical uses on how you can use hangouts within your organization, your business, and in your personal life.

Question: what other ways do use Google Hangouts? Would love to hear how you are using them.  You can leave a comment by clicking here.