Facebook unpublished post

How to create a Facebook unpublished post or dark post in Facebook Power Editor

Do you struggle with knowing how often to post on your Facebook Page?

While studies show that you should only post one time every three hours.

What do you do if you want to post more content on your Facebook Page? Create a Facebook unpublished post.

What are Facebook unpublished posts?

Facebook defines unpublished page posts as this:

Unpublished Page Posts allow Page Owners to share their messages with audiences without reaching their page audience organically through news feed distribution or timeline. (Source)

What this means for page owners is that you can create additional Facebook posts and share them with your fans without having them display on your Facebook Page.

This provides you with more opportunities to share your content without overwhelming fans.

Benefits of Facebook unpublished posts or dark posts

Creating a Facebook unpublished post has its benefits.

Here are some reasons why you want to create a Facebook unpublished post:

  • Control how much content gets displayed on your Facebook Page
  • Include Facebook Call to Action buttons with posts
  • Create a Facebook Ad from a Facebook unpublished post to target specific users
  • Run A/B split tests to determine which posts work best

To create Facebook unpublished posts also known as dark posts, follow these instructions.

How to create Facebook unpublished posts or dark posts

Step 1: Launch Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor
Use Facebook Power Editor to create a Facebook unpublished post.

Note: If you are creating a Facebook unpublished post as a Facebook Ad, you need to first create a new Facebook Ads campaign.

Step 2: Select “Manage Pages”

Manage pages in Power Editor

Once you select “Manage Pages,” choose your Facebook Page on the left.

Manage pages in Power Editor

Step 3: Click on “Create Post”

Here, choose the type of unpublished page post you want to create.

Create post in Facebook Power Editor


Screenshot of a Facebook unpublished post.

If you want to include Facebook Call to Action buttons with your unpublished posts, select the link post type.

Facebook call to action buttons

Step 4: Select your post within Facebook Power Editor

Each Facebook unpublished post will display a moon next to the post.

Facebook unpublished post

Step 5: Select the post and click “Publish Post”

Publish a Facebook unpublished post

Step 6: Select the “Upload changes” button

Publish Facebook unpublished posts
Click publish post to publish an unpublished post with call to action buttons.

Upload changes to Facebook Power Editor

Note: If you do not upload changes in Facebook Power Editor, your Facebook unpublished post will not run.

Your turn

Unpublished posts are a great way to share more content with your fans without overwhelming your fans.

One thing I like about creating a Facebook unpublished post is that you can also see how your post is performing within Facebook Power Editor in case you forget to check Facebook Insights.

What other questions do you have about creating Facebook unpublished posts?