The Social Media Personality

The Social Media Personality Test [infographic]

Have you ever wondered what type of social media personality you are? Yes, there are different types of social media personalities, 12 of them to be exact.

Each social media personality describes a type of social media user that you’ve probably come across in your network.

12 Social Media personalities


Check feeds a dozen times a day.


Accesses their pages infrequently, often going days, weeks or months without checking.


Maintains that social media doesn’t control their lives, but gets anxious when a social network is down.


First-time social media user.


Hides in the shadows of social media. Watches what others do, but does not engage.


Has a high number of fans, followers, tweets and retweets.


Highly opinionated online.


Adopts a completely new personality online so no one knows who they are.


Creates anonymous profiles because they don’t like strangers finding out who they are.


Seeks kudos for being the first to share something online.


Asks questions to start conversations.

Approval Seekers

Constantly checks their feeds to see when someone responds.

To help you determine which social media personality you are, First Direct Bank created this infographic to illustrate the 12 different social media personalities.

One thing I found interesting about each social media personality was that when comparing each social network, my personality was different.

For instance, on Facebook and Twitter, I found my social media personality to be an Ultra. For Instagram, I was more of a dipper.

Which social media personality are you?

Check out a description of each social media personality. Did you have the same type of social media personality from one network to another?

The Social Media PersonalityQuestion: Which social media personality describes you and do you think the same personality applies to all of the social networks that you are on? You can leave a comment here.