Google launches +1, looks to beat Facebook at its own game

This is pretty cool — you should check this out…

No really, that’s what Google is thinking with their new +1 button. While social media sites come and go, one thing is certain, users have gravitated towards consuming content that their friends have liked, tweeted out or said was “cool.” Why is this? Simple.

Better out than in – how many times have you gone to a restaurant because a random stranger you met on the corner said that it was good? Now tell me how many times you have gone to a restaurant that your friends have recommended whether through a Facebook status update, a tweet, an email, etc…exactly!

With the addition of the +1 button, not only will your friends be able to see what you recommend on a given website, but the same holds true for other visitors to that website.

Over time, I see this expanding, especially with Google’s search algorithm. So have you tried the +1 button yet? Do you think Facebook has anything to worry about? Especially given their recent activities with a PR firm to plant negative news about Google?

To learn how to add the Google +1 button to your website, click here

Leave a comment and tell me which buttons you currently use the most on your website – the like button, tweet button or Google +1.