Instagram Hyperlapse examples

10+ Hyperlapse examples to boost your Instagram marketing efforts!

Have you ever wanted to know how to create time lapse videos?

Previously you needed a lot of expensive equipment in order to create your own.

Recently, Instagram launched a free tool called Hyperlapse that eliminates the need to spend a lot of money on equipment and allows you to create time lapse videos using their app and your iPhone.

A lot of brands have started experimenting with the Hyperlapse app to come up with exciting content to engage with their audience on Instagram.

In this article I’ll share with you some Hyperlapse examples that you can use in your own Instagram marketing efforts!

Let’s take a look at some examples of how brands are using Hyperlapse.

15 Hyperlapse examples

When creating Hyperlapse videos, it is important to think about what your business offers.

In this collection of Hyperlapse examples, you’ll see that you are not limited to just a small number of industries.

Retailers, beverage companies, businesses in travel and tourism, as well as many sports teams have used Hyperlapse to create engaging videos that have generated thousands of likes and boosted their presence on Instagram.

 #1 The White House

For those of you who want to take a tour of the White House, you have to book a tour a few months in advance because they fill-up fast.

They have used Hyperlapse to give their followers an inside look at the White House.

How brands can use this:

If you run a museum or a historical place of interest, consider creating a time lapse video showing your followers what they can expect when they get there.

If you have a few pieces on loan, you may want to include those in your Hyperlapse video to let people know not to miss them.

#2 Vogue Magazine

In this example, Vogue Magazine gives their followers a tour of their offices in just a few seconds.

How brands can use this:

A lot of times, companies hide what’s behind closed doors.

Instead, consider giving your followers a peek behind some of your processes.

For example, if you have a fancy shipping process, give your followers a view of the process.

This way if an order is ever delayed, they can understand why it’s not just a matter of packing the item and mailing it out.

#3 Hard Rock Casino

Another one of my favorite Hyperlapse examples is Hard Rock Casino.

They have taken the time to record a short video inside their casino along with some of the slot machines that are available.

How brands can use this:

If you run a conference, you could consider creating a Hyperlapse video to share some of the locations of your speakers.

This can be a great way to give someone a quick tour of the venue they will be attending.

This way they can get familiar with the layout and some of the landmarks located at the conference.

#4 The North Face

In some of these examples, brands are using Hyperlapse to give you a tour around the place.

For The North Face, instead of using Hyperlapse for product placement, they used it to promote the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, a mountain race.

Instead of telling their followers that they had a huge turnout, creating a video allows them to experience it – and add to the excitement around the event.

How brands can use this:

For those of you who want to build excitement, this is a great way to create a frenzy.

I could see this type of Hyperlapse video being used around Black Friday to generate even more excitement for the items that will be on-sale.

#5 Milkbone

In this example, Milkbone used Hyperlapse to create a short video of them taking a dog for a walk.

In their video, they used product placements to showcase the milkbone brand.

How brands can use this:

We see product placements throughout movies. Why not use them for your own videos?

If your business has a presence at a conference or an event, use this as an opportunity to capture your booth, people wearing your t-shirts or using your products.

#6 Dr. Pepper

Soft-drink, Dr. Pepper used Hyperlapse to tease Dr. Pepper fans with a giant pyramid of Dr. Pepper.

How brands can use this:

Don’t just show someone your product. Show someone using your product in a fun and exciting way.

Dr. Pepper created a Dr. Pepper pyramid. While this has very little to do with the product itself, it makes it fun.

#7 Alaska Air

Alaska Air recorded a great video showing off the taxi and takeoff process at the airport.

How brands can use this:

Most people don’t get the chance to watch all of the flights come in and out of an airport.

This could be a neat opportunity for brands to use for a product launch.

For example, show the product coming into the store, getting unboxed, and then being put on the shelf.

#8 Jetblue

Have you ever taken the time to watch a plane takeoff?

Jetblue used this opportunity to show one of their planes leaving the airport and getting ready to takeoff.

How brands can use this:

Brands can use this as an opportunity to record what can normally be a lengthy process and speed it up.

For example, if you run a pet grooming business, you could record the entire trip from start to finish, ending with delivering the pet back to its owner.

#9 Fallon Tonight

Jimmy Fallon used Hyperlapse to record a short intro for their show.

How brands can use this:

Some brands may want to record a teaser for an upcoming show they doing.

For example, if  you tape your episodes, you can record a segment and use it in your Instagram marketing to give your followers a glimpse of what they can expect on a future episode.

#10 Mazama

One of my favorite Hyperlapse examples was created by Mazama.

What I like about their video is that they walked customers through the process for creating drinking vessels and the process for painting and drying them.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this process, it’s a very long process.

How brands can use this:

A lot of clothing manufacturers and fashion designers could use this technique to give fans a sneak-peek of one of their products being made.

#11 The San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers took the time to show their players arriving at the stadium and getting ready for the game.

How brands can use this:

If you manage social media accounts for a sports team, this could be a fun way to build excitement for an upcoming game.

Remember, you don’t have to be a major brand to create amazing content. You need to be creative.

Consider shooting a video of players warming up, getting ready before a game, an so on.

These are the types of things fans want to see from sports teams since they don’t regularly get to see them.

#12 Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has embraced Hyperlapse videos.

Here are two examples of how they are using time lapse videos.

In one video, they take you behind-the-scenes on a closed course.

In their second video, they give their followers a view of the exterior of the CLA 250 and as they get to the rear, give it a push off.

The key thing here is to keep your videos simple.

How brands can use this:

Take your fans behind-the-scenes to places they normally wouldn’t get access to.

Alternatively, you can use Hyperlapse to give your fans an immersive experience. In the case of Mercedes-Benz, they could also create a video of the inside and outside of their vehicles.

#13 Foot Locker

Unboxing is very popular in the tech industry. Why not use it in the retail industry?

Foot Locker has used Hyperlapse to give their followers a sneak-peek of the Kobe 9’s before they were released. In this example, their time lapse video generated 37,000 likes.

How brands can use this:

Do you have a new product launching?

You can use this as an opportunity to give fans a sneak-peek of a new product.

If you want to take things up a notch, don’t give away the entire product and ask them to guess what it is!

#14 Disneyland

While a number of restaurants and retail establishments have used Hyperlapse, you can also use it for major attractions.

In this example from Disney, they took followers on a trip on the teacup ride.

How brands can use this:

In the case of Disneyland, they could expand upon this and create other Hyperlapse examples of their other rides to generate more excitement.

Use this as an opportunity to share short snippets of parts of your business.

For example, if you run a golf course, you could create a video showing the teeboxes from each hole.

#15 3D Robotics

3D Robotics, maker of fully autonomous aircraft and open source UAV technology, one of the coolest Hyperlapse examples.

They used their product to film their Hyperlapse video.

How brands can use this:

In this example, they used a combination of product placement along with behind-the-scenes to give fans a glimpse of what their product can do.

One way brands can mimic this is to put their product into a real-world example. For example, show your product being used in everyday life and invite your fans to create and share their own videos of them using your products.

Ideas for Hyperlapse videos

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of Hyperlapse examples.

While these are just a few examples of brands using Hyperlapse to create amazing time lapse videos, I hope this helps stimulate your own creativity.

Remember, you don’t have to be a major brand or have a big budget to create your own videos.

You just have to start experimenting!

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