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Foibly and John Titus Aggregate Facebook Offers In One Place

John Titus - CEO of Foibly

Foibly and John Titus Bring All Facebook Offers To You

This interview with John Titus, CEO of Foibly is the first in an interviews of interviews with professionals who are doing amazing things with social media.  

I am very honored to have the opportunity to interview John Titus.  I first met John about five months ago when doing some research on Facebook Offers and instantly fell in love with his product, Foibly.

Right now, social media is an extremely crowded space and there is a lot of overlap when it comes to social media tools.  Everyone seems to be offering a similar solution.  What helps set Foibly apart is that they have gone off on their own path and created a social media tool that helps customers find the best offers on Facebook without having to sift through hundreds of Facebook Pages or be glued to their news feed 24/7 looking for the best deals on Facebook.

So enough about me telling you about Foibly, let’s have John Titus fill you in on his amazing social media tool.

Christian: How would you describe Foibly?

Foibly: No one wants to like a lot of Facebook Pages in the oft chance that they will be running a Facebook Offer.  Foibly searches hundreds of Facebook Offers and aggregates them in one place so that fans can find offers that they are most interested in.

Christian: Foibly is a catchy name. Is there any special meaning?

Foibly: Sort of – when Facebook Offers were first announced, I thought it would be great if you could find Facebook Offers by location, so we came up with Facebook Offers by Location plus a few additional characters and ended up with the name, Foibly.

Christian: As an entrepreneur in the social media field, what made you decide to start Foibly?

Foibly: We were trying to scratch an itch. As you mentioned, it is annoying to miss out on a Facebook Offer because you didn’t like a businesses Facebook Page or because you didn’t see their update in your news feed.  We thought it would be great to be able to find Facebook Offers from our favorite restaurants and shops in one location without needing to like every Facebook Page and so we decided to build our own solution because there wasn’t one.

Christian: Having seen lots of Facebook Offers come through Foibly, can you give three recommendations to help businesses improve their Facebook Offers?

Foibly: Three recommendations that I can make to help businesses do a better job when creating a Facebook Offer are: oneFacebook Offers are an inexpensive way to promote products – and they’re cheaper to use to promote products than using Groupon.  You can even set how many offers you have available.  This way you don’t sell too many at one time. A lot of businesses are overlooking this key area of Facebook Offers.  Two, make the offers unique to Facebook.  Most of the Facebook Offers that I have seen come through are just promoting normal specials that a customer can get on their own website. If you want to increase the number of fans on your Facebook Page, make your Facebook Offer your central place to get your offer.  Three, track your results.  If you’re not doing a unique Facebook Offer, it’s hard to tell where your offer did the best at.  Was it your website, your Facebook Page, somewhere else? You need to be able to track your Facebook Offers because not only will it help you determine the best place to put your offer, but it will also help you see what worked and didn’t work with customers.

Christian: Where can people find out about Foibly deals

Foibly:  The best way to find out about Facebook Offers is on the Foibly website. You can search through the current offers and see ones that are expiring soon as well as popular offers. If you like email, you can also sign-up for our email newsletter and we will email you a list of all of the Facebook Offers that we have found in the last 24 hours.  If you want to claim the offers right on Facebook, the best way is to like our page because we only post offers from businesses – Foibly on Facebook.

Christian: What is Foibly’s value proposition and how is it unique for fans?

Foibly: Foibly is the best place to find Facebook Offers without having to like lots of Facebook Pages.  You only get the offers and not all of the extra messages from businesses without having to wade through a bunch of noise.

Christian: I checked out the variety of Facebook offers on Foibly and noticed that most feature deals from big name brands. Any chance we’ll see local deals as part of Foibly?

Foibly:  We started off trying to do Facebook Offers for local businesses, but because of challenges with the Facebook API, we had to scale things back and build up our database of Facebook Offers.

Christian: Can fans submit Facebook Offers to Foibly?

Foibly: Yes. fans can submit Facebook Offers to Foibly.

Christian: What is the best way for fans to submit Facebook Offers to Foibly?

Foibly: If fans want to submit a Facebook Offer to Foibly, they can do it three ways – they can send a message on our Facebook Page. They can also send an email to support at fobily dot com. There’s also the contact form on Foibly.  When sending us an offer, please include a link to the offer in your message.

Christian: Do you have any other product launches planned?

Foibly:  For Foibly, we want to focus on location-based Facebook Offers as well as the ability to sort Facebook Offers by retailer.

Christian: What is the best way for people to contact you?

Foibly: If they want to contact Foibly in general, they can reach us at the ways we discussed above.  If they want to contact me personally, I’m john at Foibly dot com.

Christian: Do you have any additional advice for fans?

Foibly: We love feedback. If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them.  This way we can continue to improve Foibly and the features that we offer.

John, thank you for spending a few minutes with us and for telling us about Foibly.

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