Pinterest secret boards

How to create Pinterest secret boards to surprise your competition

Do you wish you could create Pinterest boards ahead of time without other users seeing them?

With the introduction of Pinterest secret boards, now you can.

This means you can curate content on your Pinterest boards and keep them private until you are ready to publish them.

What are Pinterest secret boards?

Pinterest secret boards are boards that are only visible to the person who creates them and the people they invite to pin to them.

When you create Pinterest secret boards, they don’t show up anywhere else on Pinterest.

This includes: categories, search results, your feed, as well as the activity pages.

To create your own Pinterest secret boards, follow these instructions.

How to create Pinterest secret boards

Step 1: Login to Pinterest
Step 2: Click on “your profile and pins”

Pinterest profile
Select Your Profile and Pins to create a Pinterest secret board.

Step 3: Select “create a board”

Create a Pinterest board
Example of the create a board button on Pinterest.

Step 4: Name your board. Turn on “keep it secret”


Create a Pinterest secret board
Turn on the keep secret option to make Pinterest secret boards.

Pinterest secret button

Step 5: Create your board

Now when you go to pin items on Pinterest, you will have the option to pin to a public board or a secret board.

For those of you who are tied to your mobile device and need to create Pinterest secret boards on mobile, watch this video.

Once you have your Pinterest secret boards created, be sure to review these Pinterest secret board ideas.

Your turn

Do you see yourself using Pinterest secret boards?

I’m excited about this feature because it gives Pinterest users the option to create boards full of content

Leave a comment below and let me know what you like most about Pinterest secret boards and what other features you would add.