5 Free Twitter Analytics Tools

5 FREE Twitter Analytics Tools

Everywhere you look these days, it seems someone is coming out with a Twitter Analytics Tool.  While I’m all for using Twitter Analytics Tools to help measure the success of your social media campaigns on Twitter, there is a lot of redundancy in the market.  As a result, a number of people (and businesses) are overpaying for social media tools they either don’t need or can get for free.

I’ve compiled a list of 5 Free Twitter Analytics Tools that I often recommend to clients or people who want to measure their success on Twitter. One thing to note, there is no all-in-one solution that can tell you how well you’re doing.  Instead, I prefer a bevy of different Twitter Analytics Tools – to help measure followers, Twitter reach, who to unfollow, and more.  Together, these Twitter Analytics Tools can help provide better insight into your Twitter account and the areas you need to address in order to continue growing your Twitter network.

In no particular order, here they are – 5 Free Twitter Analytics Tools that you can use to get better insights on Twitter.

Twitter Counter

One of my favorite Twitter Analytics Tools I use to assess the quality of a Twitter account is Twitter Counter.  This tool lets me see how well a Twitter account is performing. Is their growth flat, are they adding new followers and if so, approximately how many days will it take for them to reach the next milestone of followers? I also like that it can give a pretty accurate representation on how many retweets you’ve gotten – great for those of you who are already strapped for time and are wanting to know which areas you need to increased your efforts on or cutback on.

Another handy feature of Twitter Counter is that you can compare your account to another Twitter user – which is great for anyone who is using social media for business and wants to see how they stack up to their competitors.  While Twitter Counter offers a number of great features for free, if you happen to have multiple accounts or want the ability to export Twitter analytics data, they recommend going with a paid solution, which is pretty reasonably priced at just $17 per month.

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If you’re looking for the Top 100 Twitter users to follow, then Twitaholic is your tool. If you’re someone who is curious about when you first joined Twitter (I joined in 2009), Twitaholic can also help you with that too. Overall, my favorite part about this Twitter Analytics Tool is the ability to see who the top Twitter users are and where they are located. This way I can have a good comparison to go off of instead of using industry recommendations which are not relevant to my business.

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Ever wonder how far your tweets go?  TweetReach call tell you that – along with which Twitter users tweet you the most and how far their tweets go too when they retweet your content.  This is extremely helpful especially if you’re sending out lots of tweets and getting only a handful of retweets.  For those of you who are getting very few retweets or are only getting retweeted by low quality users, it might be time to clean-up your list of Twitter followers.  While TweetReach can help you see how far your tweets go, it cannot help you with that, but the next tool can.

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Manage Flitter

As I mentioned, if your tweets are not getting retweeted by the right people, it might be time to unfollow some users.  This is important because if your network is weak, you’re really just wasting your time sending out tweets because they’re most not having the impact you would like them to and instead, they’re just making noise (which isn’t good).

For this, I highly recommend Manage Flitter, a Twitter Analytics Tool that can help in the following ways:

  • Identify which Twitter users are active and inactive (make sure you unfollow inactive users)
  • Identify Twitter users who are not following you back
  • Identify Twitter users who are talkative or quiet
  • Unfollow multiple accounts at a time
In addition to giving you so much valuable data on your Twitter followers, Manage Flitter can also be used to connect Google Plus to Twitter.

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HootSuite isn’t just a Twitter Analytics Tool, it’s a complete social media dashboard that can also help you keep track of Facebook, Google+, YouTube and more. It’s free for up to 5 social media profiles, and just $5.99 for a pro account (which includes unlimited social media profiles, an additional user account, as well as monthly web analytics reports).

Overall, this is my favorite tool for managing Twitter.  You can setup a dashboard to track tweets, retweets and important Twitter search terms plus they have a great autoschedule feature where you can just fill the funnel with updates and they’ll work on sending them out at the optimal times (pretty handy if you ask me).

By adding this collection of Free Twitter Analytics Tools to your social media toolbox, not only can you save some money, but you can improve the quality of your Twitter following in the process so that your tweets have the most bang for their buck.  Did I leave any Free Twitter Analytics Tools off the list?

Share the social media tools you’re currently using to measure Twitter Analytics.