Leave a LinkedIn group

4 steps to leave a LinkedIn group [video]

Have you ever received the following message when you tried to join a group on LinkedIn? While the instructions are not very clear on what you need to do next, the answer is simple. It’s time to leave a LinkedIn group.

Leave a LinkedIn group

Limits on LinkedIn groups

For those of you who are not aware, there is a limit on how many LinkedIn groups you can join. It’s 50.

You can join 50 LinkedIn groups and 50 LinkedIn sub-groups.

While I’m not sure who selected 50 as the limit on LinkedIn groups, once you’ve reached this threshold, the only way you can join any more groups is to either withdraw a request to join a LinkedIn group or leave a LinkedIn group.

This is where things can get frustrating because at no point on this error page does LinkedIn tell you what that number is or even how to fix the issue.

The solution to LinkedIn groups

Having encountered this situation previously, I thought I would share instructions on how to leave a LinkedIn group so that you can spend your time joining more groups and less time looking for instructions on how to fix your issue.

4 steps to leave a LinkedIn group

To leave a LinkedIn group, all you need to do is follow these steps. I’ve included a video tutorial on this process as well as text instructions.


  1. Login to your Linkedn profile and click on Interests > Groups
  2. Click the name of the group you want to leave
  3. Click More… > Your Settings
  4. At the bottom of the page, click on “Leave Group”

Growing with LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups can be valuable┬áso if you hit the groups threshold, be sure you go and remove some groups so that you can continue to join others. I would start by removing groups that you no longer participate in or groups that do not have much conversation going on as they’re just taking up one of your 50 LinkedIn groups you can join.

Question: Do you find the process for leaving a LinkedIn group difficult? If so, how would you improve it? You can leave a comment by clicking here.