Facebook embedded posts

3 ways to grow your Facebook presence with Facebook embedded posts

If you could take your Facebook presence and weave it into your blog or website to grow your Facebook presence, would you? With the launch of Facebook embedded posts, you’ll now have that opportunity.

While this doesn’t seem like anything new because Twitter, Instagram and even Vine have all offered the ability to embed posts, I think this could be a game changer for Facebook Pages.

What are Facebook embedded posts?

Facebook embedded posts are the ability to take public posts from Facebook and display this content on your blog or website.

Within Facebook embedded posts, you’ll be able to include the following:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Hashtags

As long as your post is set to public, you can now take updates from a Facebook Profile or Facebook Page and embed this content on your blog or website!

Beat the news feed with Facebook embedded posts

As I mentioned, Facebook embedded posts will be a game changer and here’s why.

Previously, nothing could be taken outside of Facebook’s walled-garden unless you took a screenshot. Everything that was shared required being logged in order to view it (in most cases), and you often had to compete against other content in the news feed just to be seen.

Factor in the fact that if you struggled with building engagement with fans, it could be frustrating at times to use Facebook to market your business.

Now assume you’re someone who has a website and you get a lot of traffic there, yet your Facebook Page doesn’t have a whole lot of engagement.

By using Facebook embedded posts, you can now leverage your blog traffic to keep your blog readers aware of things they might have missed on Facebook and beat the news feed in the process.

This in itself can help grow your Facebook presence. This is because more people are able to see your content and you don’t have to worry about not hitting their news feed. Awesome!

Improving engagement with embedded posts

Hopefully you’re as excited about Facebook embedded posts as I am. There’s one last thing though.

When you embed Facebook posts on your blog or website, there are now going to be lots of opportunities for your to build your presence and engage more with your fans and customers. This is because everything you embed from Facebook will offer deep integration. This means each embedded post from Facebook will feature the ability to share, comment, and like a post. Additionally, users can also see how many likes and comments your content has received, which presumably will sync back to Facebook.

Growing your presence using Facebook embedded posts

So how can you grow your presence using embedded posts? Besides all of the great features that Facebook embedded posts will offer, there are also going to be many different types of posts you can share that can help grow your Facebook presence.

Types of Facebook embedded posts


One way to grow your Facebook presence using embedded posts is with hashtags. If you’re new to hashtags, be sure to read the complete guide on using Facebook hashtags because you’re going to want to start including them within your posts.

When you include them in an embedded Facebook post on your website, they are now clickable and will bring up related content that also uses that hashtag so be sure you use them!

Facebook embedded posts


A second way to grow your Facebook presence using Facebook embedded posts is with the “follow” feature.

This type of embedded post is great if you’re a journalist or analyst and you post a lot of news on Facebook.

Now, you can take this content and share it around the web and it will get linked directly back to the person who posted it!

In addition, users can also follow that person. This let’s them subscribe to a user, which if you’re sharing quality content or breaking news, can help quickly grow your presence on Facebook.

Facebook embedded posts


A third way to grow your Facebook presence using the embedded posts feature is through your Facebook Page.

This type of post offers fans the opportunity to find out about updates they may have missed because they didn’t see your update in their news feed.

I could also see Facebook embedded posts being extremely useful if you run contests on your Facebook Page. For instance, you should be able to take that contest and leverage your blog traffic to increase participation and grow your Facebook presence at the same time.

Similar to the “follow” embedded post, the “like” embedded post let’s fans and customers easily like your Facebook Page from anywhere there is are embedded posts. This means that in order to grow your Facebook presence, you’ll want to post really good content that users will want to embed on their blog or website.

Facebook embedded posts


Giving credit where credit is due with Facebook embedded posts

One of the features that hasn’t been covered much yet is accountability on Facebook. Previously, anyone could copy and share content on Facebook and you wouldn’t know who initially shared it. Now, with Facebook embedded posts, anyone can pick-up content and share it with their readers.

Just think – major blogs or news outlets might be embedding your Facebook posts one day on their blog or website. Imagine all of the possibilities if that happens!

How do you get Facebook embedded posts?

Right now, Facebook embedded posts are only available to five media sites. These include Huffington Post, Mashable, CNN, Bleacher Report, and People, but Facebook promises we should see this new feature soon. So stay tuned!

How to embed Facebook embedded posts

Embedding Facebook posts on your blog or website will be very easy. If a post has a globe icon next to it, this means it is public. You can then click the dropdown arrow and select embed post. This will give you a snippet of code that you can copy and paste on your blog or website. That’s really all there is to it!

Facebook embedded posts

Facebook embedded posts

Facebook embedded posts are a game changer

Yes, I said again, I think Facebook embedded posts are going to be a tremendous tool for businesses and even individuals. Imagine the potential leads that you can gain from you embedding your posts on your blog or website or better yet, other blogs or websites embedding your content!

Are you excited about embedded posts as much as I am? Do you think they will be a game changer? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts on Facebook embedded posts.