LinkedIn dimensions infographic

LinkedIn Dimensions [Infographic]

If you’re looking to add your company to LinkedIn by building a LinkedIn company page, you want to make sure you have the right LinkedIn dimensions. LinkedIn dimensions are importabt because when you want to build a LinkedIn company page, they can help you decide which items you want to feature and where they best fit.

Before you get started building your company page, be sure you know the right LinkedIn dimensions.  We’re talking about the size of your company logo, cover photos, the careers page and most importantly, products and services.

To help you out, I’ve created an infographic with all of the LinkedIn dimensions that you’ll need to build a LinkedIn company page that not only looks great, but also helps you decide which images will help your content stand out to followers.

LinkedIn Dimensions

LinkedIn dimensions infographic

LinkedIn Dimensions for a company page

When you’re looking to build a LinkedIn profile for your company page, be sure you know what the correct LinkedIn dimensions need to be. This way your images are optimized and your LinkedIn company page looks great to customers and potential customers.

  • LinkedIn company logo (160 x 165)
  • LinkedIn cover photo (646 x 220)
  • LinkedIn content image (180 x 110)
  • LinkedIn careers cover photo (974 x 238)
  • LinkedIn products and services photo (646 x 220)
  • LinkedIN product photo (100 x 80)

If you are using LinkedIn Showcase Pages, use these LinkedIn Showcase Pages image dimensions.

Remember, there’s nothing more disappointing than uploading images that are not properly sized using the right LinkedIn dimensions.  Not only do they make your LinkedIn company page look bad, but by not having the right LinkedIn dimensions, it also makes your products look bad when you didn’t intend for them to. 

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